The Power of a Question – Spanish Media Embrace Sadhguru

“El Poder de una Pregunta,” The Power of a Question - Spanish TV and media come together for an evening with Sadhguru.
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One volunteer shares, “We had only five days to put the event together in West Palm Beach, so after a venue walk through on Friday morning, we joyfully went furniture shopping to outfit the beautiful outdoor terraced space with some simple but elegant touches. The interviews were in place, but then the actual event shifted cities to Miami, 70 miles away. Scurrying around to find the stage set up, decoration, chairs, tables, flowers, etc., was exciting since I wasn’t familiar with the city.”

So, on April 7th, situated on the aquamarine waters of Biscayne Bay, the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) played host to Sadhguru for interviews with Telemundo and Univision, two of the largest Spanish-language television networks. The interviews seamlessly continued with an intimate gathering of Latin American media, journalists, community leaders and influencers in an event titled “The Power of a Question”.

The importance of the event was not lost on a volunteer who shared, “The energy and excitement that I felt was as if I was volunteering for an advanced program at the Isha Institute in Tennessee. But, it was different in the sense that I knew this event potentially could open the door to the Latino community and be instrumental in introducing Sadhguru to all Spanish-speaking countries. It was a tremendous privilege.

Vanessa Hauc, Emmy award winning journalist with the Telemundo Network, interviews Sadhguru



I had never been involved before in setting up Sadhguru’s items. I spent so much time picking out specific things that he may touch or consume such as his water. It was a very deep and intimate experience for me. One thing this whole experience taught me is how to bring that love, focus and attention to detail into everything that I do.”

The types of questions that were being asked of Sadhguru delved deep into topics of consciousness and awakening. To the question “What is the secret to bring happiness?” Sadhguru answered, “If you pay attention, it is written all over the place!”

Kiki Garcia-Montes, news reporter with Univision’s Primer Impacto show, interviews Sadhguru


He further added, “Why would I cause suffering to myself? The problem is you have an intelligence for which you don’t have a stable enough platform.”

“The most significant aspect of who you are is just this: you are the only creature on the planet who is referred to as a being because you are supposed to know how to be,” he said, indicating that unfortunately, we as human beings are far away from this state.

Another notable quote from Sadhguru was: “Your success in this world is essentially about how well you can harness this mind and this body.”

Many present were completely new to Sadhguru, yet at the end of the event, they didn’t want him to leave. The warm and hearty Latino reception concluded with everyone taking a group photograph with Sadhguru.

This event was a wonderful first step into opening the doors to millions of Spanish-speaking people worldwide with tools of wellbeing.

Editor’s Note: For the latest wisdom from Sadhguru, check out the Sadhguru Español on youtube and facebook.


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