Mahashivratri Prep: The Talking Pillars of Adiyogi Alayam

The serene space of the Adiyogi Alayam has been hosting many enthusiastic volunteers calling lakhs of people on the phone, inviting them to a once-in-a-lifetime spiritual event.
Mahashivratri Prep: The Talking Pillars of Adiyogi Alayam

மஹாசிவராத்திரி முன்னேற்பாடுகள் – ஆதியோகி ஆலயத்தின் பேசும் தூண்கள்

Though it might have been easier for Sadhguru to consecrate the 112-ft Adiyogi with a small group of people, out of his magnanimity, he has opened it up to all. To share this wonderful opportunity, many volunteers have taken it upon themselves to invite people over the phone to this larger-than-life event. Stationed at different pillars, these volunteers have made their headquarters in the Adiyogi Alayam mandapam.

This simple act of reaching out has been both profound and humorous for many of them.

Ready to Come at any Cost

“I am amazed at the zeal with which these volunteers are inviting people to be part of the Mahashivratri event. Each one calls over 50 people daily, but they don’t seem to get tired of it. Their list of numbers includes those who have not been involved with Isha as well, so it’s not strange to get some responses that are not very positive along the way. Still, I have personally seen many of them with tears of joy and devotion in their eyes while on call,” shared Sonali, an Isha Yoga teacher.

“One of the callers came to me, and for five minutes, she could not stop crying. She shared an anecdote about her conversation with a 96-year-old bedridden man on her list. Upon being invited, the man said, ‘Though there is no way I think I can make it… I feel that Sadhguru is calling me and I’m going to get up and come no matter what. I can’t miss being a part of this.’”

The Magic of a Call

Saranya Shree, a 40-day Yoga Veera volunteer: “One woman I called sounded very sad and depressed. Her husband had passed away just a month ago. We spoke for a few minutes about what happened. I hesitated about what to say after hearing her tragic situation. But as I was winding up the call, to my surprise she said, ‘You know, maybe this is an invitation for me to come out of this, definitely I’ll come.’”

Just when I thought it was not working…

Jayalakshmi, a 40-day Yoga Veera: “I called many people in this place called Sivakasi. Though many showed interest in coming, none of them committed. However, I left the bus coordinator’s numbers with them. I was a bit disappointed and felt perhaps I am not able to explain the significance of this event properly. I took a moment and sat still contemplating on why this might be happening. After a while, when I was about to pick up my phone to make another call, I heard the buzz of an incoming call. To my utter amazement, it was the bus coordinator. He seemed overwhelmed by the number of calls he had been receiving, and wanted to arrange two buses instead of one.

Jumping Tradition

Meenakshi shared one man’s dilemma: “I walk 120 kilometers to the temple every Mahashivratri, so I am sorry, I can’t come,” he said. I requested the man to hear me out so he could pass the invitation on to his neighbors and friends. As soon as I finished explaining the significance of the Adiyogi consecration and the possibility that Sadhguru is offering, the man said excitedly, “Actually, you know what? I will come with my wife.”

Quotes from the Callers

“I had a terrible cough and was nervous about taking up this activity. However, the moment I started making calls, by some miracle not once did I cough while on call.” – K M Marriappan

“It is as if every minute I am spending on the phone is working towards something larger.” – Prema

“My greeting ‘namaskaram’ is becoming gentler; my voice is becoming softer, more tender. It is as if my whole way of being has changed in just a few days of calling.” – a volunteer

“Just talking about the Adiyogi consecration, Mahashivratri and Sadhguru, all day, it creates an amazing space within.” – Vidya Shilpa

Interesting Exchanges

Isha or Visa?

Caller: “Namaskaram Anna, I’m calling from Isha...”
Callee: “Visa! Why visa? No, no, I don’t need a visa!”

After a long rant against visas, the volunteer managed to clarify and explain what is Isha and Mahashivratri. And at the end, the person agreed to come – visa not required!

No Passport Necessary!

Callee: “I am winding up to move out of India next month. So sorry, I can’t come.”
Caller (playfully): “Over 2000 people from 50 different countries are coming to attend this significant event, and you are going out now?”

Somehow the truth of this struck the callee, and he inquired about the dates of the event, so he could alter the dates of his travel.

Calling an ambulance

Caller: “Namaskaram, I’m calling from Isha to invite you to an epic event.”
Callee (whispering in an urgent tone): “Actually I am right now en-route to the hospital with my mother. She is in an emergency condition.”

Caller apologizes for the untimely call and is ready to hang up, when to her utter disbelief, the man continues…

Callee: “Wait, you said you’re with Isha. So what is this invitation about?”

Caller, unsure of how much to say, quickly briefs him about the consecration. Her mouth drops open when she hears him taking note of the dates and the bus coordinator’s number.

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