As Isha meditators across the US and Canada eagerly await Sadhguru’s upcoming visit, Los Angeles volunteers busily prepare for the Oct 15th-16th Inner Engineering program at the Long Beach Convention Center. Some volunteers share their experience:

“As a resident at the iii center, I am blessed to be constantly supported by a tight-knit community of dedicated volunteers. When I learned that I would be traveling to Los Angeles to support the upcoming Shambhavi program with Sadhguru in October, I was excited, but more than a little nervous. Moving from a small group of 40 people to a vast city of 10 million people in a day, that’s a real shock! But, though many things are different here, I feel that the spirit of Isha is still so apparent in everything we do, and the willingness of our volunteers to help in every way despite active lives and busy schedules has been so overwhelming and touching to experience.

We’ve focused on becoming more active in the communities here, attending festivals and events in the burgeoning yoga and spiritual community, as well as events the Indian community: rallies for Anna Hazare, celebrations of Indian Independence Day, and meetings with community leaders. We’re finding a surprising amount of support. Once people see how genuine our volunteers are, I think it is hard not to get involved.

Isha has a large presence of meditators in this area, especially because of a number past Inner Engineering programs and because it’s been the locale of Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering Intensive programs. So all of our volunteers are very excited to see Sadhguru again, and we’re doing everything we can to make his visit truly memorable.”

One of the Los Angeles volunteers has pledged to personally bring at least 50 people to the program! He shares his experience below:

“Each time I talk to someone about Isha and Inner Engineering, my thoughts go back to something Sadhguru said, ‘If Coca Cola can bottle carbon dioxide and sell it to us even though most people struggle a lot to breath it out, offering such a wonderful possibility should be a piece of cake.’ All I have to do is offer this possibility with a certain amount of discipline and care.

Though I have registered only 8 people so far for the upcoming Inner Engineering in Los Angeles with Sadhguru so far (42 more to go towards my goal of 50!) the experience and fulfillment I get from sharing the program can never be compared. One participant from the recent San Francisco program wrote me an email giving one million thanks to me for offering this possibility. I wanted to say, as Sadhguru says, ‘Please thank yourself for allowing this happen to you,’ but I was simply lost in happiness. Especially after spending so much effort to convince him to register and finally start the online program, I could never even respond to his expression other than feeling happiness overflowing within me…Inner Engineering is a divine offering, and I am proud and at the same time humbled to be part of the graceful path towards empowering people.”


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