Bhairavi yantra is designed and structured in a certain way that it has a certain kind of impact on your system in the space in which you live and upon your life and the direction and destiny of your life. - Sadhguru

Yantras are energy forms established to reap particular benefits. Linga Bhairavi Yantras have been established to promote physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. A healthy, successful, and prosperous life will be a natural result for any person who brings a yantra into their home or business environment. 

Linga Bhairavi Yantras empower you to connect directly with the energies of Devi. The intimate physical touch between you and Devi will change your energy system in such a way that Devi’s grace functions within youbringing about a profound transformation in your life.


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There are two types of Yantras: Linga Bhairavi Yantra for homes and Linga Bhairavi Avighna Yantra for offices and business spaces.

  • The Yantra is a powerful and personalized consecrated form which naturally takes care of the wellbeing of all who come in touch with its energy.
  • Physical contact with the yantra brings a profound transformation in one’s energy system in such a way that her Grace functions from within.
  • The Bhairavi Yantras infuse the necessary support in one’s life, allowing one to blossom under the Grace of Devi, and function to one’s fullest possibility.
  • Spiritual sadhana can happen with much more effectiveness in her presence.
  • The Bhairavi Yantra sustains its energy for hundreds of years, enabling you and your family to enjoy the benefits of living in a consecrated space for generations.