Over 800 participants from 32 countries come together to spend 7 months in the consecrated space of Isha Yoga Center for their inner growth.

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Samyama – Talking About The Silence Program 

It was definitely a rollercoaster ride. When it started, I thought, "Oh my god, it's going to be eight days of silent hell," and when it ended, I lamented, "Why so soon?" In between, utter stillness came.” – Navyatha, 31, Bangalore

I experienced stillness so much that I wasn't sure whether my breath was on or not but I knew my life is throbbing – that much stillness. So many people whom I met today were saying, ‘Your skin is glowing. What is it that is making your skin glow?’ I'm like, ‘Sadhguru!!!’” – Tinali, 31, Mumbai

 “Each day was like a lifetime that went by in a second. It was just a very rich, intense, wild and somehow a very gentle, subtle experience. I told a few friends a while back, ‘Please, I am not going to contact you until after Samyama.’ I just wanted to be silent and prepare myself. Yesterday, I sent them a photo of my face with tears in my eyes and giant smile, and I just said, ‘Thank you for your patience.’ I had no other way of putting it.” – Jovana, 31, New Zealand

“I was looking at Sadhguru and thinking, “How did I get here?” The experience of spending that much time in a space with Sadhguru was just overwhelming. I'm still overwhelmed by it. It hasn’t finished at all. Such a deep sense of clarity and joy continues.” – Gary, 27, Ireland 

Sadhanapada And The Road To Samyama 

The Samyama preparation is not a joke. Without Sadhanapada, I would not have had the necessary discipline to make it. Starting from the general schedule, the time for sadhana, the guidance, the support, the food we ate, the months that preceded it, in a way they were all steps towards getting me to a state where I was ready to receive.” - Indradeep, 36, USA

I also did Samyama the previous year which was a lot more difficult. I was not able to sit comfortably, my focus was continuously veering off. After putting in these seven months of preparation, I was so much at ease, body no longer an issue, and I could totally be with Sadhguru and the process.” – Ravi, 32, Delhi 


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We Have Gotten This Far, Sadhanapada. Where Do We Go Now?

After seven months, the time to depart has finally come. Brimmed up with how far they have come, our participants were quizzed as to where they will go now. We leave them standing at the edge of the nest waiting to take flight… 

“I am not sure about what I am going to do after Sadhanapada, but whatever I do, I have the choice of doing it joyfully and responsibly. This is the realization that I got during the program. I also experienced the impact of consistent sadhana on my system, how it enhances my capabilities. I am grateful to Sadhguru and all the Volunteers who made it happen for all of us.” - Kavitha, 47, Cochin 

“These 7 months were totally life changing for me. I never knew it could change me in this way. I am not so sure of what to do next. The kind of changes I have seen in myself is something that I hadn't ever and couldn't ever think of. It has worked so well. Nothing else in my life has worked this well till now, no matter how much effort I might have put in. It's so much more than I could ever have expected. I feel so relaxed. I no longer panic as before of what to do next, no longer chasing what to do. Let's see.” – Shubham, 19, Indore 

Sadhanapada has given me strength and capability to manage myself so well that I manage everything else just effortlessly. I have so many ideas. I am an IT engineer and I worked with Accenture for seven long years. I have been very successful all throughout my career. But I felt stagnant after a certain point in time. So now, I'm thinking to start up a new business in a new field that will not just give me monetary benefit, but also benefit society a lot. I know it's very risky. I'm not fearful as to whatever unfolds.” – Tinali, 31, Mumbai 

“There has been a longing and a conscious seeking for some years with me. I kept moving up the career ladder, and I reached a point where I had quite a luxurious life. Financially, my daughter is now independent and her college loan paid off. I returned back to the questions that I have been searching for a while. Every time I thought I found a source to answer my questions, later on, I would realize that's not it. I felt like a little parasite living in this world looking for someone, someone who could actually shed some light – a guru. I didn't put a word guru on my searching, but I was searching. A book about Sadhguru came into my hands two years ago. I found him. 

My mission from then was to try to get into ashram at any cost. When I finally made it to the ashram, it was so beautiful, then Sadhanapada, then Samyama. Sadhguru is my destination. I will apply myself to help his vision in whatever way I can.” – Sofia, 42, Dubai

“My wife and I want to come here full-time, we can't stay anywhere else than the ashram. Our Guru is here. We just want to stay at his feet. That is the only thing. Something great is happening within me, I need to accelerate the process, I need to be here.” – Ravi, 32, Delhi 

 “I have no other aspiration as such in terms of a goal rather than to be part of the ashram, be part of Isha. Just being in Dhyanalinga alone, around whatever that is, around whatever that space really is, I have the opportunity to be there every day. That is huge. Sadhguru has spoken about the opportunity available to support him in consecrating places. What this place does for me, I would ideally like to be involved with that. Also, I would definitely consider the path of Brahmacharya. But I am not so much stressing about those goals. If they happen, they happen. I will strive in that direction.” – Gary Kavanagh, 27, Ireland

“When I came here, I was working in IT for fifteen years. I was not happy about what I was doing. I committed to myself, ‘I am coming to the ashram and do whatever they ask me to do – wash dishes, clean the toilets, it doesn't matter, but I will not be doing IT!’ When the Seva allocation happened, I was handed the IT ticket. I was like, ‘Wait! This is not what I had signed up for!’ With a half hung face, I went to my first activity. But now I have to admit that over the last several months, I have come to love what I do. In the light of Sadhanapada, enhancing how I am as a human being completely changes how I perceive what I do and how I am. 

What Sadhanapada has done, at least over the last few months, is really prepared me to handle any new situation. There is just the right amount of organization and the rest is left open for creative problem solving for people to really get involved and do what is needed. We are sort of engulfed in the energy of this consecrated space and yes it draws me back. It absolutely does, so I'll be back.” - Indradeep, 36, USA

We express our gratitude to all the Sadhanapada Participants who have invested seven months of their life into enhancing themselves. In the pursuit of their own growth, they have enriched Isha Yoga Center with their joy, their striving, their involvement and their blissful silence.

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