Align Sep 2015 – Isha Yoga Center: A Powerful “Umbrella of Energy”

Align magazine is a quarterly exploration of classical hatha yoga in its deepest dimensions. The name “Align” signifies what a hatha yogi is aspiring to attain - alignment with the cosmic geometry. Align also covers stories of how Isha Hatha Yoga has touched and transformed its teachers and practitioners across the world.
isha blog article | align sep 2015 – isha yoga center: a powerful umbrella of energy

In the fifth edition of Align, listen to Sadhguru talk about consecrated spaces - the cascade of energy in the ashram and the uniqueness of offering all the four paths of yoga in this one space. The 2015 batch of Hatha Yoga students talk about their experiences in the program. Why “eyes closed” and cold water baths?  Find out in Yogi Ways.

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