The February edition of Isha Forest Flower is out, and you can read the individual posts here at the Isha Blog or download the pdf at Isha Downloads. Annual print subscriptions are also available.

In this issue:


In our Lead Article, “Beyond the Comfort Zone,” Sadhguru discusses what it takes to ready yourself for a different dimension of experience.

Our Musings article centers on how to create “A Home for Growth” for yourself and for those around you.


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In this month’s In Conversation with the Mystic edition, “The Self – Personality or Basis of Creation,” Sadhguru clears the semantic fog around this omnipresent but vague term.

Shuddering at the thought of starting your day with “Neem and Turmeric” instead of a nice cup of tea or coffee? After reading the second part of our Isha Hata Yoga series, you may be inclined to swallow the bitter balls and enjoy their many benefits.

In “Life is a Game – Play It Well,” Sadhguru narrates a story from the Kurukshetra war to illustrate why involvement is the key in life, whether we already know the outcome or not.

With this month’s recipe, “Hummus-Stuffed Tomatoes,” a light, easy-to-prepare appetizer, we invite you to explore Middle-Eastern flavors.

Enjoy Isha Forest Flower February 2014!

Editor’s Note: This article is based on an excerpt from the February 2014 issue of Forest Flower. Pay what you want and download. (set ‘0’ for free). Print subscriptions are also available.