We are thrilled to announce the release of Isha’s latest Books, DVDs, and CDs, available both as physical copies & e-versions for download. 


Part of the “Mystic’s Musings” series, 3 double books have been released.
Flip the book to find the second one!

1. Body the greatest Gadget – Mind is your Business
The first double book consists of Body – The Greatest Gadget and Mind Is Your Business, where Sadhguru explores the two basic vehicles through which we travel in life. He delves into yogic physiology and the many subtle dimensions of the body, guiding us to transform both body and mind into a well-coordinated symphony.

2. Compulsiveness to Consciousness – Emotion, the Juice of Life
In Emotion – the Juice of Life and Compulsiveness to Consciousness, Sadhguru looks at the gamut of human emotions and how to turn them into stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks. He shares with us the keys to forming lasting and joyful relationships, whether with a husband or wife, family, friends, at work, or with the very existence itself.

3. Ambition to Vision – Greed is God
In the third double book, Ambition to Vision and Greed Is God, Sadhguru unravels the immortal relationship between the material and spiritual aspects of life. He shows us how we can make our activity into a powerful possibility, create our destiny, and touch the lives of everyone around us.

We have also released two books in Telugu (currently available only as print versions)

4. Flowers on the Path (Telugu)      
We are happy to release the Telugu version of Flowers on the Path . Comprising of articles by Sadhguru, the book covers a range of topics from cricket to prayer, to health and the stock market – bringing forth moments of unexpected insight and stillness.


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5. Bhale Ruchi
Bhale Ruchi is a collection of over 200 vegetarian recipes in Telugu. It showcases natural and wholesome dishes developed both in the Isha Yoga Center, as well as in household kitchens all over the world.  This book is a possibility to bring a healthier diet into your life.


1. Kashi (English)
In Kashi – The Eternal City, Sadhguru leads us through a detailed exploration of the science and geometry behind the layout of the oldest inhabited city in the world. Home to 33 million gods and goddesses, Kashi still retains its glory and power, despite the rigors of time.

2. Yugas
Yugas, the Tides of Time is the latest in the Mahabharat DVD series (the previous one being Karna – The Fate’s Child), a glimpse into the unparalleled eight-day Mahabharat program conducted by Sadhguru. Yugas are usually misunderstood as a conceptual measure of time. They are however alive, and ticking within the human microcosm, a reflection of the universal macrocosm. As Sadhguru says, “Time is not just a concept that we invented; it is deep-rooted in the system, in the very way we are made.”

We also have three new additions to the In Conversation with the Mystic series.

3. Business of Business
First is Business of Business, where Sadhguru answers questions posed by K. V. Kamath, Chairman of Infosys and Non-Executive Chairman of ICICI Bank. Mr. Kamath steers the discussion towards some of the key challenges the corporate sector faces, such as success and failure, corruption, greed and the art of leadership. Sadhguru offers a solution, emphasizing clarity and a sense of inclusiveness.

4. Moving India
In Moving India, watch an engaging and inspiring conversation between Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan and Sadhguru, discussing a panoramic scope of themes ranging from morality, justice, and politics, to corruption, religion and spirituality. Sadhguru points out that as power shifts from government to industry, a transformation in the economic leadership is key. Instead of personal ambition, there should be a larger vision.

5. Ektara
In Ektara, witness an extraordinary event where Pandit Jasraj, a paragon of Hindustani music, exchanges perspectives with Sadhguru, a living mystic. Their profound conversation goes far beyond the normal sense of music and enters into the realm of primordial nothingness, where sound is the first expression of Existence.


1. Alai (Music CD)
We are excited to announce the release of Sounds of Isha’s new album, Alai, a collection of Tamil songs. Some of these songs were written and composed during Mahasathsangs with Sadhguru called “Ananda Alai – A Wave of Bliss,” which swept South India with exuberance and joy. Others were spontaneous poems, playfully fitted into tune and rhythm. These songs reflect the seeker’s thirst – in yearning, yielding, and blissful basking in inner delights.

2. Power to Create (Guided Meditations)
The Power to Create guided meditation CDs, available online, are a rare opportunity to be empowered into transforming long cherished desires into reality. Sadhguru offers this with the intention that once desires are fulfilled, we turn towards the larger goal of ultimate wellbeing. These four meditations will help you harness the power of your mind and manifest love, health, peace and success in your life.

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