Immediately after the spirited closing of the Chennai Isha Yoga program, Sadhguru jetted off in his typical nomadic way traversing the country from south to north. Sunday night saw him amidst over 16,000 effervescent Tamilians, but Monday saw him in Jalandhar, Punjab, addressing a public crowd of over 5000 people.

There, the Nanhi Chhaan Foundation, an initiative of MP Harsimrat Badal, organized the “Divine Confluence” where spiritual leaders spoke about the tragedy of female feticide. In Sadhguru’s words, “Rather than enshrining the feminine, the people are resorting to shameful brutalities against her. It is time that we value her as an essential ingredient in our lives.” Also present at the event were Guru Jayendra Saraswathi, Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh (Akal Takht) and Dr. Lokesh Muniji (Ahimsa Vishwabharti).

On Tuesday, Sadhguru visited the Vasant Valley School in Delhi to engage 12th standard students, teachers and parents in a lively Q and A session.

The day ended in an intimate dinner get-together with some of the most influential members of the Delhi community.

The next day, on the invitation of the Government of Punjab, Sadhguru headed to Mohali for the high voltage cricket World Cup semi-final between India and Pakistan – need we say more? However, on the way, endearingly headstrong volunteers in Chandigarh compelled him to stop and conduct a sathsang for them. He spoke about the “Ananda Alai – Wave of Bliss” in Tamil Nadu, and his vision of a spiritual revolution by bringing one drop of spirituality into every person’s life. After inviting them to the ashram, Sadhguru continued on his way to the cricket match.

Before the match, in an interview on the golf course to the Hindustan Times, he said of the cricket players, “They shouldn’t play for India. They shouldn’t play for the nation. They shouldn’t play for diplomacy. They must just whack the ball to the boundary.”

The Indian Team and especially Virendar Sehwag who got India off to a blazing start must have taken this advice to heart. No wonder India won by a walloping 29 runs.


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