Align Sep 2018 – International Day of Yoga 2018: Highlights

Align magazine is a quarterly exploration of classical hatha yoga in its deepest dimensions. The name “Align” signifies what a hatha yogi is aspiring to attain - alignment with the cosmic geometry. Align also covers stories of how Isha Hatha Yoga has touched and transformed its teachers and practitioners across the world.
isha blog article | align sep 2018 – international day of yoga 2018: highlights

The focus of edition 12 is IDY – International Day of Yoga 2018 – Yoga for Peace. This IDY saw programs being conducted worldwide, for people from all walks of life. Armed forces participated in programs in some of the remotest and harshest parts of India with Sadhguru, while other security forces practiced yoga at Adiyogi at the Isha Yoga Center. Over 100,000 participated in Upa Yoga sessions across India, Malaysia, Egypt, Australia, US, Singapore, UK, Oman and Lebanon. Yoga teachers share their experiences of conducting IDY programs and also showcase their poetic talents. Watch Sadhguru doing yoga in the fitness challenge - it brings you hardness in the body, sharpness in the mind, and softness in your heart.

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