Align Nov 2017 – Angamardana : Mastering the Limbs

Align magazine is a quarterly exploration of classical hatha yoga in its deepest dimensions. The name “Align” signifies what a hatha yogi is aspiring to attain - alignment with the cosmic geometry. Align also covers stories of how Isha Hatha Yoga has touched and transformed its teachers and practitioners across the world.
isha blog article | align nov 2017 – angamardana: mastering the limbs

This tenth edition is all about Angamardana, ultimate yogic fitness. If your spiritual process is something more than just shop-talk, that means you should have some mastery over your limbs! We cover in depth the anatomy of this unique ancient practice and the story of India’s paramilitary stepping into a different level of strength with Angamardana. Enjoy sharings from Angamardana participants and teachers. Read about the power of turmeric in Yogi Ways and Yogi Corner. Teachers share their experience of imparting yoga to children and of yoga being featured in the UN magazine.

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