Want to experience your life to the maximum? A “Party Every Day” philosophy won’t take you very far, as Sadhguru explains. By remaining dedicated to regular sadhana, one can gradually access new levels of intensity, while periodically investing oneself full time can provide a push to unfold life at a faster pace.

Full Transcript:

Questioner: Namaskaram Sadhguru, I want to experience this life within me to the maximum. So in addition to my kriyas, which I do every day without fail, what else should I do to take to take this experience to the maximum? I want to experience that magic of life you talk about. Thank you.

Sadhguru: You must live! So, what does it need to live? Not live it out, live it in. (Laughs) People think if they want to live, they want to live it out. Party every day. Party every day philosophy works for some time, you know. If you are eighteen… You’re not, okay. I’m not… I’m not trying to ___ (Unclear). If you are eighteen, (Turns his face to the other side, covering his face with one hand) (Laughter) then you may last five days, sixth day you’ll be down. If you’re thirty, you’ll last for three days, fourth day you’ll be down. If you are fifty - two days you’ll be down. If you’re sixty, in the party you’ll go down (Laughter).

So nothing… I have nothing against the party, it’s not very practical, that’s all. And it’ll become the most monotous… monotonous horror after some time - party every day. Hmm? So what should I do? The kriya is only an impetus. It is not an end in itself. The kriya is trying to enhance your energies. Daily, every day without fail, I heard that and I’ll remember that and I’ll… (Laughter) Hmm?

Okay. Now the kriya can function in different dimensions, when we teach it in the program we will teach it in such a way it is safe for a beginner. There’s a safety issue always. If you’re going to make somebody climb up this tree, if it is a five-year-old kid you will make him go that much, if it’s a ten-year-old kid that much, you know. There’s a safety issue. So, it is taught in a certain way. When you exhaust that dimension, which will take a certain period of time for people - depends, some people exhaust that quickly, some people exhaust that over a lifetime, the possibility that it offers just in that dimension. And it is also an inbuilt mechanism that if you hit the full depth and dimension of the kriya in a certain a period of time and stay there steadily, it’ll open up a new possibility by itself. It’s… It’s designed like that, the software is designed like that, that step-by-step it’ll hold you at a certain place for a certain time, when it feels your physiology and psychology is stable enough, it’ll move you to next level of intensity.

If you’re not willing to wait for this process to unfold by itself naturally, then I would say once a year or twice a year or thrice a year or the whole year, that’s your choice, you can make it your choice, you fix a time for sadhana - full time sadhana, maybe a week, maybe fifteen days whatever you can afford in your life. You come, stay here, one week sadhana, fifteen days sadhana, whatever that suits and fits into your life, you do that. For you I would say twice a year – full-time sadhana. A few days in a year is only for sadhana, not for anything else. Not morning sadhana, evening sadhana, just twenty-four hours sadhana for a short span of time. If you invest this kind of time, you can do that unfolding much, much faster, rather than allowing it to mature at its own natural pace, you can push it. You should do that. And, of course, being in a state of devotion is very conducive. You can every day sit like this and do it like an exercise. Don’t take such vows, ‘Till the last day of my life, I will do it.’ Do it today, you’re committed only for one day. And see this day that this could be your last day. Possible? Possible or no? Possible. We’re not wishing it, but possible. So this could be your last day.

Do your kriya like this could be your last day. Hmm? You’ll unfold much faster ’cause now you’re thinking next eighty-two years I’m going to do it, so the inner mechanism is thinking okay, she’s got a lot of time (Laughs). You do it like today is the last day, then it’ll hurry up a little bit. Or if we find you’re stable enough, suitable enough, we will step in and tweak it up in a completely different way. There are many things to do, but the most important thing is to do the kriya with a certain sense of devotion and offering rather than like an exercise. If you do it like an exercise you’ll get health benefits, but if you want to explode, then you must take away your inner structures, then it’ll burst very easily.