A week in Manhattan, overlooking Central Park, a few important meetings and enough time to overhaul the immediate life around me. Been very pleasant weather in NY with a bit of indulgence in theatre (Broadway).

It is incredible, the variety of talent that has developed around Broadway. Absolutely amazing skills in dance, music and acting. Definitely, we need something of this scale in India to evolve. If we can create a street for theatre, in one of our cities, the talent and the audience will evolve and develop over a period of time. Setting a certain standard is going to be the challenge. But this should be done, and it will enrich the society in untold ways. Today the Indian scene has become too cinema- oriented and needs to diversify for a broader approach to all aspects of life. Entertainment and sport is rather too one-pointed in India - time to bring about a change.

Had an opportunity to plan and fly a helicopter to three events in a day, spread over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. It is an experience to fly around in New York skyline, over Hudson River and through some challenging weather on the way to Connecticut. Flying close to the new towers that are coming up in the place of World Trade Center brought out a big sigh. How the world has changed since those two structures came down on that fateful day. If you did not know – the previous evening, that is 10th September 2001, I was in Manhattan area speaking at the Riverside Church, just a mile away from the events that unfolded in less than 24 hours. I left USA on 10th September to Cyprus, ironically to speak at the US Embassy in Nicosia. Since that chilling event, humanity has suffered a groundswell of violence, hate and suppression that we have not witnessed in living memory.

Ah... in London for a Shambhavi initiation, the largest of its kind in UK till date. Over 700 people and it was a blast. UK volunteers are pulling off an event like this for the first time and already looking towards a much larger event in February 2013.

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Also the event at London Business School, a conversation with Donald Sull, a well-known academic in business studies, who straddles between USA and UK. My congratulation to Don and LBS as they are no more looking for just market numbers or management trivia, but for wisdom and more profound pursuits.

Penning this in Terminal 5, Heathrow, a few minutes to a BA flight to Hyderabad. Bad - Hydera? You better be good.

Love & Grace