Consummation – A Poem

In this Spot, we have Sadhguru’s latest poem “Consummation,” which he just penned in Mumbai. As he sits on the shore, looking out at the Arabian Sea, he reflects on the spectacular forces of nature, the stormy mood of the ocean and the beauty and fury of the monsoon. He calls on us to redirect our focus to embrace Creation as a whole: “Let us look beyond our struggles/and feel the fulfilment of the/parched land and all other/life being consummated in a/wild and wonderful way.”
Sadhguru by the Sea | Consummation – A Poem


As I sit here upon the

snout of land jutting

into the Arabian sea

boiling in a stormy mood

The moods of an ocean

are alluring from the safety

of the landed vantage. 

Seafarers would have a different story to tell

like the spectator and the sportsperson

All the thrills and spills that one

enjoys has a price, that someone pays

leaving the puny human struggles of 

deluge, drainage, or even drowning.

The spectacular beauty of Monsoon

fury is without parallel.


Let us look beyond our struggles

and feel the fulfilment of the 

parched land and all other

life being consummated in a

wild and wonderful way

Love & Grace

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