Live Coverage Day 8 - Chennai

Updates from the Rally’s halt in the city of Chennai
Live Coverage Day 8 - Chennai

Here We Come Chennai! Vanakkam!

The Rally for Rivers rolls into Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. It's hot, but that's no surprise as that's a default setting for Madras as they still lovingly call it.

The Chennai region has served as an important administrative, military and economic centre for many centuries. Two major rivers flow through Chennai: the Cooum or Koovam through the centre and the Adyar River to the south. A third river, Kortalaiyar, travels through the northern fringes of the city before draining into the Bay of Bengal at Ennore.

At one time, the Cooum, which is one of the shortest rivers to drain into the Bay of Bengal, was known as the Ksheera Nadi or River of Milk. Over a 100 temples dotted its course. At one stretch near Egmore the river is called Uttaravahini because its course runs north, and this segment is considered particularly sacred. One of Isha’s meditators renovated an old Ardhanarsihwara temple here a few years ago. Heartbreakingly, in further evidence of how badly we have been treating our rivers, all three Chennai rivers are heavily polluted with effluents and waste from domestic and commercial sources; Cooum, in particular, is thought of as an eyesore.

Sadhguru has been involved in various media interactions this morning. We said goodbye to 21 participants of Leg 1 in Bengaluru and welcome a group of 16 that will be joining us in Chennai.