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Episode 6 | How Consecrated Spaces Can Ignite Your Energies

In this episode, Sadhguru explains how being in touch with powerful energy spaces can ignite one's energies into a completely new dimension of vibrance and possibility. Also, teacher trainees share how these spaces offered an excellent support system for their hatha yoga practices.

Episode 5 | Three Tips For a Yogic Diet

What, when, how to eat and not to eat... Sadhguru explains eating pranic foods and fasting for a healthy lifestyle.



Episode 4 | THIS is Classical Hatha Yoga!

What is the "classical" in Classical Hatha Yoga? Sadhguru breaks it down for the trainees.

Episode 3 | Time for Yoga!

Trainees share their experiences about learning intense practices like Surya Kriya, Bhuta Shuddhi, Guided Meditations, Pranayam & more

Episode 2 | Three Days with the Master

Three days with a spiritual master like no other - Sadhguru

Episode 1 | Meet the Trainees

Dive into the world of Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher Training through the eyes of seven trainees as they take you through their personal journey and inner transformation.