The International Day of Yoga is a festive time for Isha volunteers and to celebrate it they go all out by selflessly teaching millions of people Upa-Yoga around the world, in the months leading up to IDY. Read some expressions of their lives and efforts below.

#2 The Power of Simply Sitting

#1 This Exam is Going to Decide your Life

#2 The Power of Simply Sitting

I was to conduct an Upa-Yoga session at the Border Security Force (BSF) camp at the Haryana border on May 22, 2017. The excitement of conducting the session started a day before, when I had to practice and learn the Hindi script, and recite it to my wife. I am not very fluent in Hindi, so it took some amount of involvement.

On the day of the session, I saw that almost all the participants were BSF soldiers – agile, well built, and full of energy. It looked like the soldiers were coming in from the grounds, right after a game. Many of them were seated as the session was about to start, but several soldiers just came in and started doing some difficult asanas like "Shirsasana" and "Chakrasana" on their own even before the program began. The beautiful sound of Yoga Padi that usually calms participants down before a program seemed to have no affect on them!


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Not knowing what would be the best thing to do now, I just went behind the microphone and sat in Ardhasiddhasana with my eyes closed. Within a few seconds, all the soldiers settled down, just as they saw me sitting. In those few seconds, a profound realization of the depth of what I have been empowered to do via these Upa-Yoga sessions took over me. I had no idea that I can induce so much change in someone else, simply by sitting with my eyes closed!

I was filled with gratitude towards Sadhguru and all that I have learned in Isha in the last 3.5 years.

- Rohan is an IT professional and works with Arvarto in New Delhi. He has conducted 15 Upa-Yoga sessions since 2015. Rohan was one of the four volunteers who went to the BSF Camp to conduct Upa-Yoga sessions. They conducted 12 sessions in 6 continuous days at the camp.

#1 This Exam is Going to Decide your Life

I have an examination coming up on the 18th and a friend asked me if I was anxious about it. This got me thinking of the time when I was preparing for my 10th grade examinations. My parents, teachers and well-wishers had told me that if I worked hard that year, my life would be a cake walk then on. Funnily, I heard them say this before exam after exam, year after year, and I kept working hard. Now I am a Post Graduate from a reputed institute, but still no cake has appeared before me to walk upon nor did my life get any better.

Whether I pass the exam or not, whether I am economically and socially successful or not, I am going to carve out a niche for myself because now I am well engineered within myself.

On the other side, being a sensitive child and now an adult, I could see that my doing well academically and focusing only on my individual material success, would not bring wellbeing for me. I wanted to do something for the world, for my country - something that would make life better for millions in my country. I felt powerless as an individual and resigned to a place where I thought it’s good enough if you pass through your life without harming others. But it was not working.

I had to bribe people to get simple things done, knowing very well how it destroys the very fabric of the nation and hence of the future generations. There was a friction outside and that filtered into my mind. Simple life situations started to take a toll on me and incapacitated me in a big way. From a reasonably joyful child, I turned into a grumpy adult.

Then one day, I got a mail from my brother, which also had a Mystic Quote attached. Below a picture of Sadhguru, the quote in the mail said, "For a committed person, there is no such thing as failure – just lessons to be learnt on the way." It wasn’t just the quote that touched me, but rather Sadhguru - the way he dressed, sat, and looked, drew me in immensely. I enrolled for Inner Engineering simply out of enthusiasm, even though I was involved with other spiritual organizations at that time. I went through Inner Engineering and it has been my refuge here and beyond.

I have come to realize that there is so much more to life than just doing well in examinations. I now feel empowered, not just for this crucial 3-hour exam, but also for life. Whether I pass the exam or not, whether I am economically and socially successful or not, I am going to carve out a niche for myself because now I am well engineered within myself.

Ravikumar Koyyala, will be giving his UPSC or Civil Services Exam on 18th and will be conducting two Upa-Yoga sessions each day on the 19th and 20th for customs officers.