Support Isha Vidhya on Giving Tuesday, November 29

Show your support for Isha Vidhya rural education initiative on Giving Tuesday, November 29.
Support Isha Vidhya on Giving Tuesday, November 29

நவம்பர் 29ல் ஈஷா வித்யாவிற்கு உதவிட ஒரு வாய்ப்பு!

A wonderful, educative, inspiring 10 years have passed since the first Isha Vidhya school opened its doors in 2006. We recently celebrated this 10th anniversary by hosting an education conference entitled “Innovating India’s Schooling”.

Through nine Isha Vidhya schools, 7,154 children are receiving high-quality education.

Isha Vidhya, as part of Isha Education trust, has been tirelessly working to educate the under-privileged rural children of India, specifically in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Eight Isha Vidhya rural schools are currently operating in rural Tamil Nadu, and one in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh is run in partnership with Apollo Foundation. Through these schools, currently 7,154 children are receiving a high-quality education.

Isha Vidhya is also supporting 60 Government schools in Tamil Nadu, impacting over 40,000 rural children. Plans are underway to support large number of government schools in Andhra Pradesh also.

Managing the day-to-day operations and building necessary infrastructure to enhance these schools requires a large amount of funds, and a large amount of generosity from our supporters around the world.

Isha Vidhya and Global Giving

If you would like to show your support for Isha Vidhya and help us improve the lives of rural children, now is a great time to do so!

Donations through Global Giving made on Giving Tuesday will be matched 50% by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation!

Isha Vidhya is registered with Global Giving, a well-known reputed online fundraising platform. Recently, Isha Vidhya won the Global Giving photo contest 2016, thanks to enthusiastic supporter participation from around the world!

Every year, GivingTuesday is celebrated toward the end of the year in the spirit of giving to the needy.
This year, Giving Tuesday falls on November 29th. Donations through Global Giving made on Giving Tuesday will be matched 50% by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation!

This means that, for example, for every $20 donated to Isha Vidhya, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will add another $10 to it. [Global Giving transaction fees and a currency conversion fee, as per your country rule, will be deducted from the donation amount.]

If you believe that education is the way to a better society, please come forward and donate to Isha Vidhya on November 29th. You can also help by sharing this information among your friends, relatives and colleagues.

Please mark your calendars with the following details:

Link to donate:


India: Nov 29 10:30 AM to Nov 30 10:29 AM

USA Eastern Standard Time: Nov 29 12:00 AM (midnight) to Nov 30 11:59 PM (Midnight)

USA Pacific Standard Time: Nov 28 21:00 PM to Nov 29 20:59 PM

Note: We strongly recommend that you donate within the first 2 hours of start of the campaign, as there is a possibility of funds earmarked by Gates Foundation to run out. The total available matching funds is $500,000.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email to Thank you for your support!

Editor’s Note: For more information on Isha Vidhya, follow them on Facebook or visit their website.