Sadhguru Spot: The Year in Review

Here’s a look back at the “Most Viewed” Spots of 2011.

Since Sadhguru Spot launched in April 2010, meditators and newcomers alike from around the world have been hooked on Sadhguru’s weekly logs of adventures, reflections on life, and poetry. Here’s a look back at the “Most Viewed” Spots of 2011. Enjoy!

Most Viewed Spots of 2011

Life on Fast Forward – 14 Dec 2011.
On Video. Sadhguru handles a gigantic king cobra at the Isha Yoga Center, showing ashram residents and students how one can be in such close contact with something so deadly. “Energetically, it is so addictive and intoxicating to be in intimacy with this wonderful creature.”

Guru Sangamam: A Confluence of Gurus – 12 Jan 2011.
Sadhguru meets with top spiritual leaders in India to see how the spiritual process can be protected and nurtured. Sadhguru writes, “This is a very momentous event, the significance of which people will realize only over a period of time.”

Obama to Bin Laden to Bhairavi – 4 May 2011.
Sadhguru’s words about the assassination of Osama Bin Laden sparked a wave of views from meditators all around the world. “Generally, the world has known him as the ‘most wanted man’. But he has quite a following that claim he is saintly. Those who stand away from these two stances debate endlessly whether this man was good or bad. But one thing is for sure – his deeds are ugly.”

Racecar Driving – 2 Feb 2011.
On Video. Sadhguru speed races in Los Angeles. “I got to drive the fastest machine ever in my life — a Toyota Scion that has been peppered to kick up over 1000 bhps and touch 210 mph or 350 kms per hour… Hmm, if I had the time I could get into an official race on an American track…”

Helicopter Flying – 11 May 2011.
Sadhguru writes about his latest adventure – helicopter flying. But this is not just a hobby. Via helicopter, Sadhguru will be able to reach more cities and towns in less time than ever. He closes the Spot with “Chuk Chuk Chuk… Next time you hear it, maybe I’m landing on your rooftop.” This ignited a whirlwind of comments from readers – most hoping that Sadhguru would land on their own roof. One meditator writes, “Then I am making a helipad on my rooftop! Welcome Sadhguru!!”

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Have a great New Year!