O n June 25, Sadhguru spoke to crowds at the Annual Yoga Festival in Berlin.

One volunteer shares:

More and more volunteers arrived at the airport to greet Sadhguru. After some time, there were 25 of us waiting with smiles, laughter and anticipation, expecting Sadhguru to appear at the gate at any minute. We finally got a glimpse of our beloved guru as he was walking through customs, “He’s here!” The meeting was joyous and emotional, beautiful. We had Sadhguru all to ourselves for those moments, what more could we ask for?

When we returned to the festival, the weather was just fine. And as 6:00pm approached, the time of Sadhguru’s talk, our tent became fuller and fuller by the minute. People filled every possible space available. There was much chatter and anticipation in the air, but as Sadhguru walked in, a profound silence fell. It was touching to see how everyone's attention became focused and all eyes settled on Sadhguru.

As usual, Sadhguru drew people’s full attention, while at the same time, challenging their perception of “reality”.  He also made everyone crack up. Not an easy task! The presentation then went from the Adi Yogi to Sadhguru’s enlightenment on Chamundi Hill. Needless to say, the 500 people strong crowd loved every minute of it. Someone then asked “And now, what shall we do?” Sadhguru then spoke about the Isha Kriya, and led them into a guided meditation. He also chanted which touched people deeply within. It was an experience that left a big impression on those who attended - it really was a yoga festival after all!

A group of us are flying tomorrow (Sunday, June 26) to volunteer for Sadhguru’s Sathsang in London. Bring it on!


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