Sadhguru and Rohini Nilekani on “Headlines Today”

This Saturday and Sunday at 7.30AM on Headlines Today, Rohini Nilekani joins Sadhguru to explore what it takes for individual people to change the world.
Sadhguru and Rohini Nilekani on Headlines Today

Every weekend, leading TV news channel “Headlines Today” telecasts episodes of Sadhguru in conversation with several eminent personalities. The episodes air on Saturday and Sunday at 7:30AM.

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Every Saturday & Sunday – 7:30AM

This week’s episode features Rohini Nilekani, known for her large-hearted attitude towards social and environmental issues. She has founded Arghyam, a charity that addresses water scarcity, and Akshara Foundation and Pratham Books which work with children and education.

Wife of Nandan Nilekani, former CEO of Infosys and Former Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India, she has been a sturdy support for her husband in his various endeavors. Watch as she asks Sadhguru what it takes for individual people to change the world, as he emphasizes the importance of integrity and passion in a leader.

Tune in this weekend!

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