Every weekend, leading TV news channel “Headlines Today” telecasts episodes of Sadhguru in conversation with several eminent personalities. The episodes air on Saturday, 7AM and Sunday, 7:30AM.

Through the Mystic Eye
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Every Saturday – 7AM
Sunday – 7.30AM

This week, one of India’s most prominent image management experts, Dilip Cherian, joins Sadhguru to discuss yoga, its origins and its significance.

Mr. Cherian is the co-founder of Perfect Relations, South Asia’s largest image management and public affairs consultancy group. He began his career as the Economic Consultant to the Bureau of Industrial Costs & Prices, Ministry of Industry. Later, he became the editor of Business India, one India’s leading business magazines.

Watch as Mr. Cherian seeks answers from Sadhguru about the difference between religion and spirituality, and yoga’s significance to the 21st century human being.

Tune in this weekend!

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