Sadhguru was invited to give a special talk at IBCN 2015, the business conference of the Nagarathar community.

The Nagarthar community in Tamil Nadu is a small group with a big footprint in the world. The community comes together every year or so at the International Business Conference of Nagarathars (IBCN). The most recent conference took place in Coimbatore, on July 25, where Sadhguru was invited to give a special talk on “Inspiring People To Impact Society”.

During his talk, Sadhguru looked at passing knowledge from generation to generation, and how tradition is not necessarily about expressing the past, it is about exploring new possibilities. He also spoke of many scientific studies being conducted on the benefits of the Shambhavi Mahamudra, and how results show that practitioners become younger in terms of cellular age, and display a tremendous increase in neuronal regeneration.

Because the Nagarathar community is so closely linked genetically, he proposed that they could be part of a unique study. If a fraction of the community were to turn inwards and practice a powerful spiritual process, the rest of the community would immediately benefit from it by transmission.

To the budding entrepreneurs at the IBCN, Sadhguru also spoke about how leadership does not mean dominance, it means partnership, mentoring and support. If you do not have loving people around you, doing business becomes treacherous.


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