The yearning for a greater sense of clarity, balance and intensity is universal, so the Sadhanapada program naturally attracts people from all walks of life. From students to working professionals to entrepreneurs, many have chosen to invest seven months of their precious time to work on themselves. Sumitha was working as a software developer in a leading corporate firm in Dublin, Ireland, when she decided to take this step. Sumitha shares, “This was my first job so I was enjoying this new sense of freedom in earning my own money. Friends, fancy vacations, every day was fun and not a drop of worry. But slowly, within a year I could see the way life would turn out to be if I walked the same path and it was not very satisfying. It was repetitive and I was longing for something more.”


Sumitha decided to come for Sadhanapada 2021 looking for a challenge and steady inner growth. “I have been very fortunate in life but I don't want to die playing it safe all the time. I want to move on to the next course and not thrive in the mundane forever,” she adds as she waits for the program to begin.

Successful but Unfulfilled?


For many others, the challenge posed by the pandemic has been a wake-up call. Shruthi shares that both she and her husband have applied for Sadhanapada 2021. “I guess the pandemic made me realize the vital importance of Sadhanapada as I could clearly see that there is much more to explore within myself than just my daily routine,” she says. She plans on taking a sabbatical from work. Indeed, in challenging times, it makes sense to equip yourself to better handle difficult situations. Shruthi adds, “To be precise, I want to dedicate my time exclusively to my Yoga practices, as I want to improve balance within myself so the situations around me can be handled with a certain ease.”


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Radhika found that she has been working long hours for the last seven years and her zeal and focus were diminishing despite material success. After having a deep and lasting inner experience in the Inner Engineering program, she went back to the drawing board to chart out her path afresh. “Three things that motivated me to take Sadhanapada are to imbibe more Yogic practices, get into a disciplined lifestyle and volunteering,” Radhika discloses. She continues, “Health and wellbeing is always my priority so I feel that am at a right stage in my life to take up Sadhanapada. Also, I always wanted to give back what Isha has given me and Sadhanapada gives the perfect opportunity.”


Dr. Varsha shares that despite having a good career, the day-to-day frustrations were beginning to chip away at her. Observing the Isha volunteers going through situations joyfully, calmly and without any resistance inspired her to take a step towards her own growth. “I decided to pause everything else for the time being and establish and elevate myself. Spending time to work on myself to gain more clarity has become the priority.” She explains how her free time was being squandered in frivolous things and how she is reducing that to prepare for the upcoming Sadhanapada 2021. “I'm mostly engaged in watching movies, surfing the web, and in telephonic conversations. By reducing social media and other unnecessary things, I want to prepare myself to move ahead and intensify my practices.”

Explore a Spiritual Dimension of Life


Carefully crafted by Sadhguru – a Yogi, mystic and spiritual Master, Sadhanapada at its core is a Yoga program designed to offer tools for transformation to a spiritual seeker. The program is conducted at the powerfully consecrated Isha Yoga Center – a sacred space for self-transformation. Sadhanapada is offered without a fee and is an unparalleled opportunity for the sincere seeker to grow in the grace of a realized master and in a conducive ambiance created to support one’s spiritual growth. The spirit of the program is captured nicely by Shashank who says, “My main motivation is to take a proper dip in the ocean before starting to cross it. I think a seven-month dip would be good enough, which I will never forget.” Shashank is an entrepreneur so taking off seven months has its practical challenges. But for one who is determined to grow, every challenge is an opportunity. Shashank concludes by saying, “I am preparing for Sadhanapada 2021 in three ways. First is to regularly practice all the Yogic kriyas that I have learnt so that I would be able to reap maximum benefits from Sadhanapada. Secondly, I have plans to finish substantial work related to my startup so that my colleagues can function without me for the seven-month period. Thirdly, I have to play enough with my 3-year-old kid so that he and my wife would excuse me for a seven-month gap! After Sadhanapada, I want to see myself firmly attached to the ground as well as in a stable flight up in the sky, both at the same time.”

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