In the heart of Beirut, a new Isha Middle East center opens its doors to the public! Nok Yoga Shala has been designed for the sole purpose of meditation and yoga. The traditional Lebanese architecture creates a serene ambience, making it an inviting space to delve into one’s inner spaces. Free Isha programs will be offered there till January 31!

Address: Saifi Village, 752 Said Akl Str, Beirut, Lebanon
Ph: +961 1 983353 +961 3747178

This inviting space has risen from the ashes of an area, which was just a war field 20 years ago, severely damaged and demolished, and emptied of its pre-war economic and demographic activity. The opening of a yoga studio in this space is thus very significant.

Regular programs and other offerings will begin from February 1. These will include:


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  • Classical Hatha Yoga programs: Upa-yoga, Angamardana, Yogasanas, Surya Kriya, Surya Shakti
  • Wellbeing workshops targeted towards achieving a specific result ie: enhancing attention and memory, weight loss, body strengthening, cardiac strengthening
  • Treatment workshops to address specific issues like asthma, lumbar and joint problems
  • Inner Engineering Programs
  • Isha’s books and DVDs in English are also available, as are other Isha Shoppe material.