January 26: Asim Shafiq shares his excitement about doing Inner Engineering with Sadhguru on April 1-2, 2017

Asim Shafiq is the Director of Business Development at CivilizAsian Investments. He in past worked at Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of the United Kingdom.

Here's what Asim shared on Facebook:

“Ah, at last, Sadhguru himself, I know I will love it.
Looking forward to it and meeting some great people and to my new friends to be - Love & abundance”

Asim had earlier shared the following before he attended Sadhguru’s talk “Meet Mingle and Meditate” on 13 Nov, 2016:

“I am really excited and looking forward to seeing him live, he is one person who has had a great impact on my journey and provided me so far with answers to all the questions. He has given me the insight to look at things in different light.
Still an avid learner and a lot more to learn.
Looking forward to meeting him. - Dr Asim Shafiq”

Some videos clips from Sadhguru’s “Meet Mingle Meditate” talk on November 13, 2016

March 31: Sadhguru meets the High Commissioner of India, Shri YK Sinha, in London on March 31, 2017


April 1-2: Inner Engineering with Sadhguru at London


April 3: Sadhguru at the Thought Leaders Event organized by Asian Media and Marketing Group

April 5, 2017, By Drew McLachlan

Indian yogi and visionary Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has said he is collaborating with the Indian government on a new river policy, designed to rejuvenate the country’s waterways.

As summer takes hold and temperatures touch 35-39 degrees Celsius in parts of India, Sadhguru noted the impact of lack of water on the farmers’ community, with many suffering years of drought and driven to suicide.

Recalling his childhood in the south Indian state of Karnataka, he said: “From the age of 12 to 17, almost every day I swam in the Cauvery (river).

“Today, when I go to see Cauvery, I feel like crying because it is only 40 per cent of what it was 45 years ago. For three months, Cauvery doesn’t even touch the ocean, it stops 3.5 km from the coast.”
He conceded that action to save India’s rivers could be too little, too late. “WE EITHER NEED TO DO IT CONSCIOUSLY OR NATURE IS GOING TO DO IT TO US IN A VERY CRUEL WAY.”

A select audience of 200, including top business personalities and community leaders, gathered at the May Fair hotel to hear Sadhguru speak as part of AMG’s Thought Leaders event. It marks 50 years since the launch of Garavi Gujarat newsweekly by AMG editor in chief Ramniklal Solanki and his wife Parvatiben.

Read more of this insightful, informal conversation where Sadhguru addressed a range of topics, including living to one’s fullest potential, yoga, dharma and leading mindful lives.

April 9: Sadhguru on BBC Radio London

Sadhguru with Sunny, co-host of the BBC Radio London show, "Sunny and Shay"

Sadhguru was interviewed on the “Sunny and Shay” show on BBC Radio London. The first interview was aired on Sunday night. This four-part interview will be telecast every Monday at 12:45 am IST and is available for 30 days from the day of telecast. 

Shay introduced Sadhguru’s first episode on BBC Radio London (at 6 minutes:01 second) as below:

“This is the bit I am delighted to share with you. He was here in London last week. He had the opportunity to go on BBC World News. He had the opportunity to also go on BBC News, and also to go on some other commercial channels. But, he turned all of them specially to speak exclusively to BBC Radio London. “


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Further during the interview, Sadhguru answers a pertinent question, “How much attention should we pay to media buzz?”

Hear the full interview with Sadhguru starting from 1 hour:17 minutes from this link.

Sadhguru Takes a Stroll on the Streets of London

Sadhguru at the Duke of York column near Buckingham Palace

Sadhguru at the Carlton Terrace, Trafalgar Square

Crematoriums in Coimbatore Get the Attention They Deserve

Swarajya Mag, Purnima S, April 2, 2017

The least the dead and the grieving deserve is a clean and accessible place to perform the last rites. Coimbatore is one city which accords them that dignity and space...

Isha crematoriums are called ‘Kayanta Sthanams’ and are a tie-up with the state government. The eight Isha Foundation crematoriums in Coimbatore are at Nanjundapuram, Veerakeralam, Thudiyalur, Pothanur, Vellalore, Karamadai, Thondamuthur and Alandurai.

The first Kayanta Sthanam was set up in Nanjundapuram. It doesn’t rob the grieving family of its sense of loss. Instead, it gives the feeling that the departed is getting the respect he/she deserved.

Those entering the grounds of the Kayanta Sthanam are struck by the greenery, the abundance of flowering plants, the immaculate landscaping. The fountains and a pond with floating lilies, goldfish swimming in it.
“We are converting crematoriums to LPG-fueled crematoriums. Cutting wood is hard work. Also, dry wood is hard to find in the rainy season. There are transportation problems,” says Swami Abhipada of Isha Foundation.

Read the full article.

Sadhguru in US - Local media interviews Isha meditators to whet the appetite of the audience

Posted April 10, 2017 by Adam Flanery

Yoga has taken off in the U.S. since the 1960s. In a few days, internationally known yogi Sadhguru, who has reached over 100 million people worldwide through his yoga and meditation practices, will teach his “Inner Engineering” program in Tampa April 29-30 at the Tampa Convention Center. It’s one of only two North American stops he will make this year. According to the organization’s website, “Sadhguru’s program uses minimal movements and focuses on the breath to promote overall well-being. It’s been known to significantly improve hypertension, asthma, headaches, (and) anxiety.”

Rob Lorei interviewed three people involved in the event. Ganesh Narayanaswamy is an Isha Yoga teacher with the nonprofit Isha Foundation. Dr. Arunachalam Jothivijayarani (who goes by Dr. Rani) is an OBGYN from Sarasota who practices Inner Engineering and recommends it to her patients. And Victoria Flores-Carlson, from Brandon, is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist who practices the program.

Read More.

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Sadhguru will be holding Inner Engineering programs in Tampa, Florida and Vancouver, British Columbia this spring. 

Gabriel Mete, M.D. and author, shares how his wife was inspired by the changes in him after he attended the Inner Engineering program last year