This Ishanga is a very simple device to simply breach the boundaries of who you are, so that something far bigger than you becomes a part of you and your life.


On July 16th, 2019 Sadhguru will be personally offering the Ishanga Nanmai Uruvam (energy form) to all those who have taken the Ishanga partnership. Ishanga literally means “limb of Isha.” Ishanga is a partnership with Sadhguru. It is an opportunity to play an active role in making Sadhguru’s vision happen while allowing Grace to function in your life and lead you towards your ultimate wellbeing.

The Nanmai Uruvam is a consecrated form made of copper that is prepared through various processes and placed in the sphere of Dhyanalinga to imbibe its energies. During the Nanmai Uruvam ceremony, Sadhguru will initiate the participants into a powerful process through which Ishangas can easily connect with Grace, and experience it as a living presence in their daily life. At last year’s ceremony, Sadhguru spoke briefly about the significance of receiving the Nanmai Uruvam energy form and how this form is different from a yantra:


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Your body is a yantra. It is a machine that can be useful if properly used or it can be a nuisance if improperly used, but it needs a lot of maintenance. Nanmai Uruvam is a form. You can have a thousand forms in your house. You already do – you have a paper weight, you have a flower-vase and many others. All of them are useful forms in their own way. Nanmai Uruvam is a form that can change the atmosphere in your house simply because of the way it reverberates.

Vidya from Mylapore, Chennai shares: “I felt that this answered something I had been seeking. Over the last six months, I have found that somewhere there is an unseen guiding hand, preventing financial loss from happening. Since I have been with Isha, in these three-and-a-half years, I have never experienced Sadhguru’s presence so intensely. Some hidden resistance within me has just broken.”

Those who have already taken the Ishanga partnership and have not received Nanmai Uruvam can make use of this opportunity to receive the energy form and be initiated into the process. Please be at the Isha Yoga Center before 8 am on July 16th. The ceremony will end by 4 pm.

If you wish to become an Ishanga and receive the Nanmai Uruvam from Sadhguru this year, please contact 91 844 844 7707 or

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