The Middle School students and teachers went on a six day trip to Mysore, Belur and Halebidu from January 17th to Jan 23rd. They visited the Mysore zoo where they were introduced to animals they had never seen before! They experienced the beauty (and the crowds) of the Mysore Palace and learned the history of Tipu Sultan while at his summer palace in Srirangapatnam. Everyone climbed to Chamundi Hills and then the Gommatagiri Temple, where they spent some time reflecting. At the Kukkarahalli tank, the children saw almost 15 different types of birds and ended the day by watching and writing about the sunset. The final stops were to the Halebidu and Belur Temples, where they witnessed the intricacy of the Hoysala architecture. The trip wouldn’t be complete without shopping (and bargaining with the shop keepers), eating Mysore dosas and trying the traditional foods of Karnataka.

The children share some of their experiences:

Giraffes in the Zoo by Harshitha

I opened my eyes slowly and looked up. I gasped out loud and everyone was staring at me. Well, wouldn’t you gasp out loud when a full-grown giraffe is just a few feet away from you? How often do you see a fully-grown giraffe? It was quite startling for me, seeing one so close.

It elegantly reached for the green leaves in front of it. It gracefully chewed and took a long time to finish eating. I would’ve stayed, but, my hunger drove me to get moving. That was a terrific experience I had there and I would never forget it.

Kukkarahalli Kere by Seher

The Sun was setting in front of my eyes in the Kukkarahalli tank. The grass which I sat on tickled my feet and the ripples added life to the water. The crystalline sky was now filled with the colors crimson, peach and amber. The Sun was blazing, slowly going down. A cluster of ashen birds flew past the horizon and I gasped from the captivating sight. The sky was slowly becoming opaque, the trees were swaying as the wind blew and the bright ball of light left me there. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and I could smell the aroma of the flowers. I left the place without a word, as I had nothing left to say…


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