For the first time, Sadhguru gave a public talk last week in Dubai, which took place at the JSS International School. The overwhelming response and support from the volunteers led to over 1200 people attending the event, many of whom had already come in touch with Sadhguru’s videos on youtube. Though the hall capacity was only 800, the remaining 400+ participants were accommodated in other rooms at the venue, where they watched the talk live via projector.

News spread about the talk mostly by invitation and word-of-mouth. Many had also heard about Sadhguru online through youtube, blogs and websites.

The next day, Sadhguru attended a private talk hosted by local businessmen in Dubai, who were particularly interested to hear about Sadhguru’s recent visit to the World Economic Forum and his upcoming leadership program Insight: The DNA of Success.

The entire event was organized by a UK meditator, who has been deeply involved with Isha Vidhya for many years now. Wanting to make what Sadhguru has to offer available to as many people as possible, she felt that Dubai would be an apt place to start, seeing the interest in the people there.


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