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Forest Flower June 2014 - Front Cover

Forest Flower June 2014 - Back Cover


Creating a Future for Our Children
Sadhguru and “ad man” Piyush Pandey discuss if today’s culture of consumerism is jeopardising the future of our children, and what’s needed to rein it in.


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Even Krishna is Governed by the Laws of the Physical
Sadhguru explains how even an enlightened being, whether Shiva, Krishna or anyone, is governed by the laws of the physical, once they choose to work with a physical body.

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Water While Practicing Yoga
Sadhguru looks at the importance of maintaining the right body conditions during hata yoga, and explains why we shouldn’t drink water during practice.

Built to Last - The Keys to a Strong Organization
A participant at last year’s INSIGHT program asks KV Kamath, Chairman of ICICI, popular CEO coach Ram Charan, and Sadhguru, what it takes to build a strong organization.

The Truth about Lying
Sadhguru answers a question on speaking the truth and telling lies.

Why Wear a Rudraksha
What makes a rudraksha stand out from other seeds, and how can it play an important role in a seeker’s life? Sadhguru answers.

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