It was an unusual sight. On the morning of 9 March, the spiritual Master was the center of attraction at India’s heart of commerce. In the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) International Convention Hall, over 200 eager BSE employees, BSE community and Isha volunteers counted down the seconds as Sadhguru held the metal hammer, ready to strike the bell in the traditional BSE “Opening Bell Ceremony.” At 9:00 a.m. sharp, he signaled the beginning of trading on that day and at the same time launched the BSE Mobile SENSEX Streamer, a GPRS-based new service through which investors can access real-time quotes for SENSEX companies from their mobiles.

Before the official launch, Kalyan Bose, Head Corporate Affairs at BSE, had welcomed the audience, and Madhu Kannan, MD & CEO, BSE, had thanked Sadhguru for being there. Sadhguru shared the dais with Madhu Kannan and Ashish Kumar Chauhan, deputy CEO, BSE.

Sadhguru then spoke about wealth and that it is one of the basic ingredients for wellbeing, but if there is a spurt of wealth-making, it inevitably creates disparity in the society. “Without the necessary consciousness of inclusiveness, wealth-making could become disastrous,” he warned. “Disastrous not necessarily because of the crime, violence, and discontent that it can breed; disastrous just because of the disparity. When one is overfed and another is hungry, I call that a disaster. When one is suffering hunger and another is suffering indigestion, I call that a disaster.” This cannot be leveled by laws or high taxes, he said; such attempts would turn the whole society into criminals. “It is only going to happen when we bring a certain spiritual ethos into the society. When I say spiritual, I am not talking about following this religion or that religion. I am talking about every human being in touch with something beyond his physical limitations. This will naturally bring inclusiveness into his way of existence.” He concluded, “Without this inclusiveness, wealth-making could bring more problems than solutions. So, I hope we will have the necessary humanity, wisdom and awareness to balance these two aspects so that wealth will lead to wellbeing, not to disastrous situations for ourselves and for others.”

There was a strong media presence, and after his talk, Sadhguru answered questions by journalists and the audience.

Post the launch of the BSE Mobile SENSEX Streamer, the BSE top management invited Sadhguru for a breakfast session in the Board Room of Asia’s oldest stock exchange. The view of Mumbai from the 27th floor was spectacular, and the vision to create wellbeing all around palpable.


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