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2:40 pm, Feb 22: The Ultimate Solution

At the end of the session, a participant’s obvious eagerness to ask a question was so clear that Sadhguru could not ignore!

She begins, “I have waited for two years for this microphone…I have watched your videos on Youtube. I feel so helpless because you are the only way for me to get this knowledge. I cannot read a book or search Google for this. I want you to give me the Ultimate solution, as I can’t wait another 2 years for this microphone to ask for solution after solution.”

Sadhguru jokes, “We will give you the job of carrying this microphone.”

“Is this about a casual relationship, a little spiritually-spiced entertainment, being happy in life, or is it about self-transformation?” he asks.

Transformation does not mean change – change means changing the shape of things. Transformation means nothing of the old remains. If you are happy with a little change, I’m not against you. If you are looking for small change, Youtube will do it. All kinds of people in the world are popping up telling you how to change your life in small ways and make it better.

Do you want to become little better, or do you want transformation? If you’re not ready, it’s fine, once in 2 years I will entertain you. Instead of being stagnant, at least some change is good, but it’s not a solution. The only solution is dissolution.

2:32 pm, Feb 22: Of Masculine and Feminine

Sadhguru offers more insight into the consecration of the Yogeshwar Linga:

A participant asks, “Yesterday you used a male and a female as part of the consecration process – what is significance of using a man and a woman and of the threads being tied around them?”

“I didn’t check whether they are male or female,” Sadhguru says with laughter, “I was interested in only Idaa and Pingala – masculine and feminine. I’m really not interested if they are male or female.” He begins a joke...

This happened – A pastor, a bishop and a rabbi were friends beyond their profession. One day they went to a deserted part of the beach and they were just watching. It was a nice, warm day. They thought, “Why don’t we have a swim?” But they have all these funny clothes, one of them has a backwards collar, inappropriate for the weather… They don’t have bathing suits or a change of clothes. They look around, not a soul, a pristine place. They decide they will put their clothes in the bushes and run into ocean and swim. Now these people are neither in mind nor body like Adiyogi. But they enjoyed swimming for awhile.

Suddenly they saw three society ladies just taking a walk and coming. They decided to run for their clothes. The pastor and bishop covered their privates and ran. The rabbi covered his face and ran. Afterward, they asked him, “We covered what we should cover, you covered your face. Why?”He answered, “In my congregation, I am recognized by my face.”

“I am looking for something masculine and feminine,” Sadhguru explains, “because we were making little pull and push to adjust those 2 aspects. I am a man, I’m admitting. Me being a man, doing so many things, it generally tends to take a tilt towards masculine. So I was just trying to fix it up a little bit so there is no tilt towards the masculine – feminine and masculine are equally there.”

2:10 pm, Feb 22: Discipline and Abandon


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“Why are there forms of Shiva, but no Ganesh?” a participant wonders.

“Our affair is with the father,” jokes Sadhguru. He speaks about Ganapathy as a phenomenal scholar, and says that although scholarship can be appreciated, it is essentially accumulation.

Whether wealth, money, knowledge, love, relationships or whatever else you collect, it indicates that something within you has not blossomed, he says. “You can accumulate as much as you want - this can add color to your life, but it will not bring fulfilment.

“Our affair is with the father,” Sadhguru reiterates, “who is wonderfully, magnificently naked of any collection.”

He then relates the story of how Kashi came to be –

One day Adiyogi is simply walking, totally intoxicated – not on any drink or drug, because he is the drug. Completely inebriated, devoid of any clothing, in naked splendour, with a garland of wildflowers he is simply walking through the forest, like any other creature. You don’t look at a tiger and think “Oh my god, he is naked!” You thought he is wearing striped pajamas or something?

He is simply walking like any other life. Then he happened to walk into a place where a certain scholarly group has built a small habitation, doing something like a side-track spirituality: reading scriptures, doing mantras, etc. A very chaste and orderly group of people. This wild man just walks in completely unconscious of what’s around him, because he is too engross d with what’s within him. He walks in – the men were all doing their sacred duties, the women were doing their house work.

The women saw this creature – just the splendour of his existence. They looked at him, and that was the end of their civilization. They lost all of what they had taught. From age 8-18, everyone gathered around him and was just going into pangs of ecstasy – some trying to touch him, just to taste and see what he is. Some were climbing his tree-trunk like body. But he is simply unaware, completely unconscious of what they are doing. The entire womenfolk gathered around him. The men came and saw there is something to the man, but their main concern is the society, ethics they have formed. The civilization stones looked like they all crumbled at once. This is not just one woman falling in love – the entire women of the place.

The men came to Adiyogi and said, “We have heard of you, but you cannot just walk in. This is not ok, you are dismantling everything we have built. You have put the entire civilization in danger. But still he was so intoxicated that he did not notice.

Then one man pulls out a sword and pokes him. Only then Adiyogi looks around, sees all these women, begins to hear them saying how he is a threat to civilization and family structure.

Adiyogi just shrugged, “What’s the problem?” They said, “Don’t you know you’re naked?” Then the sword that the man had used, this sword, he took it and lopped off his own genitals – if this is the problem, then take it. He left it there and walked off.

His genitals stayed there and became a shaft of light – this is known as Kashi.

What this parable is trying to tell you is that, whatever one thinks of as the lowest, even that can be transformed into the highest. He could have used his finger, his head, but he used something that you are looking down upon. The story is also trying to tell you that pleasure and ecstasy is not only in one part of the body.

If you are poor, you have only one meal a day. If you are rich you can choose. The idea of richness, affluence is to have a choice of food, then later on a choice of lifestyles. If you are very poor, money means food. I can eat anything I want. So pleasure means particular part of body.

What Shiva is trying to display is, every cell in the body is ecstasy. This is not sexuality, this is spirituality. Wherever they touch him, they are all going into wild ecstasies. This dimension where just a look or a touch can send you to nameless ecstasies - on one level we have enshrined that dimension into the Yogeshwar Linga. There is a certain way to access this. You must come some day and find that.

There are 2 dimensions – one is of extreme discipline. One is of absolute abandon. One brings painful precision. Another brings nameless ecstasies.

1:11 pm, Feb 22