Participants and Volunteers share their experience of Isha Yoga sessions at Entrepreneurs’ Organisation conference in Munich, Germany.

Isha Foundation offered 2 sessions at the prestigious Entrepreneurs' Organisation conference in Munich, which happened from 26 - 28 September. 140 CEOs and top business leaders from 17 countries gathered for the 2-day conference titled 'One Level Up' and bearing the tagline, 'How can I become a better version of myself?'

Isha Foundation offered Isha Upa-Yoga on both days of the conference. During these sessions, participants listened to discourses by Sadhguru and were also led through a guided meditation of Isha Kriya.

Helen, the Inner Engineering teacher who conducted the session, shared that,

‘It is refreshing to see how yoga is increasingly being taken seriously in Europe in the world of business. Over the course of these 2 days, we repeatedly heard from top business leaders about how meditation or turning inward was their recipe for personal and business growth and success. It was enchanting to see so many CEOs with such an open attitude, a real thirst to better themselves and to really give everything they had to learning the Isha Yoga practices, with the odd wobble here and there during Yoga Namaskar!'


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Folkert Blok, a Netherlands-based chemist, dermatologist, medical researcher and CEO of SkinConsult shared,

'I so much enjoyed this introduction to yoga, with Sadhguru's talk. He really radiates an aura of enlightenment. I am new into yoga, but the fundamentals of yoga will definitely have a profound influence on me. Of Sadhguru's talk, my key interest is in self-imprisonment with old cocoons of memories. I have set my personal goals for growth on losing fears and opening up without occasional 'freezing' and 'flight' from situations, circumstances and people. I actively know now that my old memories hold me back. They keep me in victimhood and imprisonment. I would like to sincerely and deeply thank you for your presentation and introduction to Isha Yoga.'

Fabian, a Switzerland-based Isha Hatha Yoga teacher, shared,

'It was a very enriching experience to be part of this incredible event. Not only were we given the opportunity to offer two yoga sessions for these very successful entrepreneurs, but also we had the chance in turn to learn much from them and to better understand how entrepreneurship and spirituality can go hand in hand. It struck me how open minded the majority of entrepreneurs were that I was able to meet during these two days and left the impression with me that entrepreneurs make very good (aspiring) Yogis! Specifically I noticed four characteristics that successful entrepreneurs have, that are also needed on the spiritual path. One is to be open minded, with the ability to look at things without too many prejudices. The second is an insatiable thirst for growth and the willingness to constantly step out of the boundaries of one’s comfort zone. The third is an unwavering commitment towards overcoming any hurdles that show up on one’s path. And the fourth is to do everything with absolute involvement. Listening and speaking to many of these entrepreneur,s these four characteristics have come up again and again.'

Hans, a Munich-based Isha Hatha Yoga teacher shared,

'When I was told that the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, a leading business network, was hosting an event focusing on making their members into a better version of themselves in my beloved city of Munich, and that they wanted Isha to be a part of their programme, I was say blown away by excitement would not pay enough tribute!

Top-notch entrepreneurs meeting from all over the world, as far away as Johannesburg and Australia, and dedicating two days of their precious time just in order to raise themselves "One Level Up": the incredible stories, which people were sharing - from near-death experiences to excelling in business, as well as the family world - definitely made the event into a huge mutual learning experience, which left nobody untouched. On a personal note, introducing key figures of economics to simple steps of a transformative tool like classical Yoga was like a dream coming true! Every single person coming up to me in order to thank me for the Yoga classes we offered or just wanting to find out more made my heart jump! I honestly do believe that helping high impact leaders to reach their full potential is the best and most fulfilling way I can contribute to make the into world a better place.'

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