Free Sadhguru Downloads – FAQ’s

Can I make Instagram stories out of the videos?


Can I make podcasts out of the videos?


Can I translate the content into other languages?


Can I take Sadhguru images from the website?


Can I use non-Sadhguru images from the website?

No. The licenses for these images are procured by Isha. Isha Crafts images/artwork, and Isha publication photos also cannot be used.

Can I make slideshows out of the videos or audios?


Can I take a line from a Sadhguru video and use it as a Sadhguru quote?


Can I take text from the Isha website (including quotes) and publish it?

No. You can only use videos and podcasts, not text.

When will the Tamil and Hindi videos of Sadhguru be available to download?

We are currently working on enabling the download. Please check back after a few weeks.

Can we promote the content using the Isha brand?

No. However you can use Sadhguru, Adiyogi, Dhyanalinga and Linga Bhairavi brands.

Can we monetize or make commercial use of the videos or podcasts?


On which platforms can we publish this content?

TV, Radio, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are some of the places.

I am unable to download the videos in iOS devices. Please help.

We are unable to support this at this moment. Please use a desktop browser to download the video

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