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After last night's sathsang with Sadhguru, we all felt a surge of energy and revival to make the return trip back to Kathmandu. After finding our porters to help us back down the mountain, we started off for what was to be quite an adventurous couple days. During the descent, we came across many more devotees that were on their way up, just as we were a couple days ago. It was humbling to see several that were prostrating before the mountain at each step during their climb. We offered them some money for food as they come empty-handed, begging for whatever they can along the 40+ day "walk" around the perimeter of the mountain.

When we finally reached the base, we got off to quite a late start, which delayed our stop back at Parayang till nearly 1am in the morning. Since we had to anyway get back up at around 3, we decided to have a quick snack and continue on to Saga, where we'd end up being able to spend more time resting. This turned out to be 20+ hours on the road, and each of us had our own stories to tell.

On our last night in Tibet, we celebrated our drivers by giving sharings and stories from our travels. Following which, we got to serve them, just a small token of our appreciation for what they did.

After a smooth crossing at the Friendship Bridge, we made it back to Nepal. Of course the drive to Kathmandu also had its own adventures, but before dark, we finally reached our starting point, where everyone had a final dinner together in good spirits.

We closed the Yatra with a Sathsang, where we had one final opportunity to be with each other. We shared stories, had some laughs and finally closed the sathsang honoring all the Gurus that made this trip and everyone's spiritual journey possible.

"The Return Journey"
Episode 9 of the Isha Kailash Sojourn 2010 Travel Video Journal

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