Sadhguru introduces Isha INSIGHT, the 4-day leadership program, and speaks about three basic qualities essential for leadership: integrity, inspiration and insight. Without integrity, we will not be able to set the necessary ambience for success. Without inspiration, sloth and inertia will set in. And a leader without insight, you become an object of ridicule.

Full Transcript:

Sadhguru: Good morning and welcome to every one of you to this Isha Insight twenty-fourteen (Referring to 2014), the third edition of Isha Insight. History is replete with many events where individual leaders because of their insight and their commitment, have changed the course of what happens on this planet. At the same time, there are also many disastrous events on the planet when leaders operated without the necessary insight and did things which caused enormous disasters on this planet. So leadership at any level, whether you’re running your own business or a state or a nation or whatever, in whichever way if you’re touching a certain number of people in a day, I consider you a leader. So being a leader... three basic qualities which sets a leader apart and makes him into a fruitful proposition for everybody around him is his integrity, his ability to inspire people to do the right things and above all, insight.

When we say integrity, this is a…a serious thing that I have been noticing, things are changing these days but I’ve been seeing that leadership – political, business and even spiritual leadership – completely innocent of integrity. So I emphasize on integrity because where there is no integrity, there is no ambience of trust. Where there is no trust, there is no necessary space for success to happen. When we say DNA of success, success is the sweetest thing in human life, whether it’s material, economic, spiritual, whatever. Whatever may be an individual’s endeavor, the fruit of everybody’s action is success in that action. The ultimate goal of every action is success, so why is it that certain human beings seem to come to success effortlessly and very naturally and why is it many others struggle to get there and why is it many, many more never get there. So, these three qualities of integrity, inspiration and the necessary insight into the activity that we’re performing. As I said, without integrity we will not set the necessary ambience for success.

Inspiration... if you do not have an infectious level of inspiration, that people around you are fired up just by seeing you and the way you function, if that doesn’t happen, a certain level of sloth, an inertia will set into the atmosphere. Inertia means it’s death, you know, if somebody becomes inert, that’s called death. So situations will die, we may be doing great things but if the necessary inspiration cannot be generated moment to moment on a daily basis, whatever great things we’ve been doing... many great things have floundered simply because the necessary inspiration was missing in the atmosphere.

And insight above all, insight is your ability to see something that the majority of the people do not see. When you become a leader – either you grew into your leadership or you were born into it or you are elected or whichever way – when you become a leader, leadership gives you a higher perch. If you sit on a higher perch than the rest and if you do not see any better than the others, then you will become an object of ridicule. So insight into what we’re doing... being a leader is like being a captain of a ship. If you are the captain of the ship, you don’t have to do the hard work that the crew is doing but you must be able to chart out a successful path. You must be able to see everything that is there right now and you must be able to foresee that which cannot be seen right now. So this responsibility is fulfilled only if one develops a certain level of insight.

Success happens because of many reasons to different people. People may be born into situations or individual competence and relentless commitment to the cause which they have taken up in their life or the time and place in which we are placed at a certain moment. Above all, there are other dimensions which are karmic, pranic, akashic and elemental dimensions, which play a significant role in how successfully a human being functions in a given moment of his time…of his life. At different times in history, we’ve seen people being successful beyond what anybody else around him could imagine, phenomenal levels of success have happened, above all, because a human being becomes available to grace. Becoming available to grace is not a religious process, it is a life process, it’s a life phenomena. Whether you are head on with the rest of the universe or you are with the universe is uni…the whole life process or this magnificent cosmos, which is a living universe, is it behind you or is it sitting ahead of you as a hurdle in your life.

This is a simple dimension that different people arrive at in…in their own ways but there is a specific, scientific way of doing this which we will see to what extent we can explore in these four days. Above all, we want to genetically engineer your DNA in the next four days for success because success is the sweetest thing in human life. And for today, I am placing you in the best possible hands, a…a highly committed professional for business processes, a silent but a significant player in many major businesses across the world, the most sought-after consultant on the planet today, above all, an incredible teacher, his energy and enthusiasm will surprise you and overwhelm you in many ways for this day, the one and only Ram Charan for you (Applause). Please (Applause).