The week in the U.K. and Europe has been busy, but for a spot of golf. Going to dear Lebanon - after a break of four years and a war, was met with an emotional welcome. After two days of a very intense Mystic Eye event in Beirut, drove across the border to the ancient city of Aleppo with our very gracious and helpful Syrian meditator. Driving towards this ancient city of over 8,000 years of antiquity, watching the terrain and people change from exuberant to Spartan - this is one of the few cities that have witnessed continuous human habitation for this long. Aleppo is a unique and happening city; its ancient homes converted into hotels make for a unique and exotic experience. Cobbled streets that could once only fit donkey-drawn carts today accommodate roaring heaps of loosely put together metal in the form of Sabas, Dacias and of course gleaming Korean and German automobiles.

Set to go from here to Damascus, on the way touching Palmyra – the largest archaeological excavation in the world. In my childhood, had read and imagined a lot about the silk route, the trade, the adventure, the exotica and the excitement of unknown things; of the Indian traders, yogis and the sundry. Damascus, the very name evokes a sense of excitement and exotica that is palpable and ancient. Damascus, that is where I am heading – feel like a little boy…

Driving on...

Love & Grace

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