Poem - light for the Blind

In this week’s Spot, Sadhguru sends us his latest poem, expressing the fire burning within. “The coolness of my fire/ makes my fire unconditional/ Doesn’t feed upon life giving oxygen…” Sadhguru closes by inviting all to share in this flame: “light up your Blindness/ with my cool fire.” Enjoy!

light for the Blind

Fire of my Mind
Fire of my Heart
Fire of my Body
Immense fire of my Being
I Condensed into cool fire

The coolness of my fire
makes my fire unconditional
Doesn’t feed upon life giving oxygen
Underwater or in ice or in cold space
My fire flourishes to be light

Light that is beyond senses
light that is eternal
light that even the blind can know.

light up your Blindness
with my cool fire

Love & Grace