H ere I sit gazing at the clear spring sky, full of stars on a mildly humid night. Now and then a cool breeze wafting with an intoxicating mix of tropical fragrances of spring blossoms. Around me a heap of files, papers, unending mails and a trillion strong galaxy. How the mundane has managed to bury the magical in most human lives, I wonder. Some insects are kicking up a concert level symphony of their own concerns. A lone elephant seems to be grunting his grief about something that he cannot have.

Here at Isha, activity is going through the roof, what with Isha Vidhya gearing up to take on over six thousand schools in Andhra Pradesh, GreenHands digging its heels in preparation for mega green movement and with International Yoga Day approaching, there is no end to activity. In the parallel, the Inner Engineering revolution is in the making with over one hundred full-time teachers striving to deliver this wonderful gift to humanity. One of the finest tools of self-transformation ever, its appeal is universal and we are working on making the delivery simpler without compromising the quality. This needs a certain level of dedication and focus; the kneading that it takes to get people to that state is not necessarily gentle.

On this Shivarathri, twenty-six young men are being initiated into the sacred path of Brahmacharya. There is always a certain intrigue and excitement about this, just to witness how in a matter of twenty four hours lives change, faces brighten up, bondages broken, karmic course altered and navigation set for the horizon of liberation. These lives getting linked with my own life strings, hope they will suckle up my energies for their growth and light, but not like wanton children to leave wounds upon this ripening mortal coil.

Having gotten this far both within and without, my only concern is how many can I suckle in the given time.

Can I leave everyone Bright as Him…

Love & Blessings

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