After four days of Inner Engineering Intensive at a hotel on the ‘Avenue of the Stars’ – and just after a dinner evening with one of the ‘Eagles’ stars of Hotel California fame - sitting in a box of a room full of people was very intense and fruitful for them, and for me it was beginning to feel like Hotel California to be trapped in an air-conditioned atmosphere without a breath of fresh air. The Sunday morning closing event was charged followed by a meditator Sathsang.

My meeting with the researchers from one of the premier research institutes in the U.S. was interesting. They have been studying the blood and other samples taken from some of our volunteers. They are saying that they have recorded for the first time that Isha Yoga practitioners have a greatly enhanced neuronal regeneration. You know what that means – you cannot forget your misery. Only way is to transform – just in case you were hoping Alzheimer’s will solve your problems. Another hope dashed because of Isha Yoga. There are also very interesting studies on the impact of Dhyanalinga upon the physiological parameters. What a shame that I need to be authenticated.

Then a three-day blitz through Europe with a day spent in Greece. Believe me, Greece is good – so are Greeks – I have not met all of them

From the biting cold of Europe to land into the womb-like warmth of Kerala coast is something – the smells of salt, fish and sweat, olfactory way of homing in…

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Here at the yoga center, they always seem to believe I have been on a vacation when I get back from an overseas trip. Well, a heap of things that I must do and immediately.

Sunday evening was the final Anandha Alai Mahasathsang in the present series at Coimbatore. It was hugely attended and the jetlag did not knock me off the chair but the love and blissfulness of the people surely did.

It is a little nippy here now and we just concluded a pretty cool Darshan. Tomorrow we are entering the world of Samyama with nearly a thousand people.

Love & Grace