Isha seeks to bring back classical yoga in its purest form – not studio yoga, not book yoga or the various innovations that are brought in around the world without an understanding of the basic principles – but proper classical yoga, which is a phenomenally powerful science. It is a system that is precisely and meticulously put together as a means of reaching higher dimensions. 

Over the past weeks, we have been bringing to you various aspects of Classical Hata Yoga as it is practised and taught at Isha. In the concluding part of the series Classical Yoga, we bring you a few sharings and experiences from the participants of the Isha Hata Yoga Teacher Training Program that was conducted in 2012.

The second Isha Hata Yoga Teacher Training Program will be underway from July 22nd 2013 to Dec 16th at the Isha Yoga Center. The 21-week program, which will be conducted in the Adiyogi Alayam, is an unparalleled opportunity to acquire a profound understanding of the yogic system and the proficiency to teach Hata Yoga.

Last year’s program included a group of 45 participants from all over the world – the US, Lebanon, Switzerland, Uganda, Latvia, Singapore and Malaysia, apart from India. The group was diverse, and included professionals from various fields – a nurse, a clinical therapist, an architect, a chiropractor, several yoga instructors – all drawn to the idea of a deep exposure to Hata Yoga. The 21-week program effected profound transformations in every participant who underwent it. One observer noted that, by the end of the program, they were all “shining in some way.” The new teachers have already started teaching what they learnt and their classes are said to be characterised by a certain integrity.


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Here are a few sharings from participants:

Registrations are still open for the Isha Hata Yoga Teacher Training Program 2013, and will be received up to July 7th. For more information, visit or mail