“The fundamental strength of India is that we are a land of seekers – seekers of truth and liberation. This spiritual thread is what keeps us together as a Nation.” – Sadhguru



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“Wholeness” was a 90-day program conducted by Sadhguru in 1994, with a small band of seekers. Many years later, with the Isha Yoga Center more established, “Wholeness” became the name of a 7-day introductory program, also conducted by Sadhguru.

One of our early attempts at instrumental music, this song, “Wholeness”, was intended as an ambience to start the program on the first day – a way for the participants to settle into Sadhguru’s presence and be open to the process.

The name “Wholeness” has managed to stick all these years, thanks to the program, but the music has undergone various transformations and permutations. We have also been fortunate to have several professional artists come and contribute their expertise, enhancing the overall musicality of the piece. Here is the latest rendering – a live recording in the presence of Sadhguru.

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