Mystic Eye, a one day program conducted by Sadhguru on January 12 was the largest program yet in Singapore, with over 2000 participants. Jean, one of the program volunteers tells us about the participants and their phenomenal experience.

For the first time in Singapore, Isha saw two thousand people swept off their feet in a wave of pure blissfulness. There were fireworks shooting out from everywhere as people experienced Sadhguru for the first time in the biggest event Isha Singapore has hosted.

Such sincerity and purity poured out from the volunteers, it was like looking at angels gliding about, making sure that every single participant was taken care of and every little detail was looked into. From setting up chairs and rolling out carpets, to decoration and setting up project stalls, everyone went about joyously as though putting everything was effortless.

Because we started so early, there were some sleepy eyes, but it didn't take long for those eyes to brighten. As the participants soaked in the wisdom that Sadhguru had to impart, everyone became alert.

Speaking of being alert, Sounds of Isha Singapore kept everyone awake with their upbeat tunes. At one time after lunch, the participants actually got up to dance without any volunteers prompting them to! It felt as though everyone's heart had joined as one and pulsated together in one rhythm.


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The participants were without a doubt blown away as Sadhguru enlightened them on what life can truly be for them as long as they are willing. He taught them yoga and meditation practices that they could practice on their own at home. At the end, Sadhguru blessed them with such compassion that no heart left the hall untouched.

A volunteer who headed the online promotion effort for the event shared: “An Executive Director came looking for me at the end and just hugged me before he shared his feelings. Another friend said that she was speechless and thanked us for the divine and wonderful experience. Yet another said it was beyond expectations and said he is now asking himself, ‘Who am I?’ One more expressed he was very happy I convinced him to change his travel plans to join the event. A younger colleague said, ‘I am wide awake and laughing. Sadhguru’s oration is classy and his jokes too funny. What he says is simple to understand. I am glad I came.’”

This feedback cut across age groups & professional backgrounds, and was unanimous in the appreciation of what was offered at the event, making it such a joyful experience – something the participants felt they would have “never” experienced in such a large crowd.

Eyes were teary, faces were lit.
Every soul soaked in Joy.

Editor’s Note: Visit Isha Yoga’s Singapore page for more info on future programs in the city.