Rural games happened in Kullapanaickanur last month to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Isha Rural Health Clinic’s inauguration.


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This included a throwball tournament for ladies, volley ball tournament for gents and other traditional village games like uri adithal and kaiyuru ezhutha (breaking the pot and tug of war). 16 teams from the villages around Kullapanaickanur Isha Rural Health Clinic participated in the event.

An Isha Volunteer shares: “Creating a throw ball team, initially making the village ladies play was really challenging. It was totally new for them… For these ladies, this event has really been an opportunity to break out of their inhibitions in many ways. These games brought about a different experience of involvement in them, completely taking them out from their daily routines. The spirit with which they played was really wonderful. Even the losing team did not suffer, but instead shared that they want to play more. For these ladies, this was the first time that they participate in this kind of event. Invariably, every one of them shared that they wanted to play like this daily in their village.”

The games event ended with oyillatam, a traditional dance, performed by the local village children. These kids underwent oyillatam training for 1 month, organized by the Isha Rural Health Clinic and this dance further enriched the event.