I  started running at the age of 43, now I am 48 years old. So far I have ran 5 Ultra marathons including running Comrades’ twice, 6 full marathons and many 21 km and 10 km races in India, Bangkok and South Africa.

I wanted to join some yoga classes to learn different types of Asanas and breathing exercises for my running. My neighbor and a runner friend of mine had done the Isha yoga Inner Engineering course and recommended it to me, so I joined the Isha program. I completed my Inner Engineering course in Feb, 2011. The Inner Engineering helped me tremendously not just in my running but also in my day-to-day life. If you want to know what I am talking about, you must do this course to experience yourself.

An important thing for a runner is not just the training but how you do your training, how much training you do and different types of trainings. A most important thing in running is the power of your mind. I really felt the overall Inner Engineering made a big impact on my mind. Many times in running marathons you feel tired and think you cannot continue. Now for me, when tiredness comes I am able to guide my mind and overcome it. Where did the tiredness go? One moment in your race you are feeling so tired and think you are not able to run any further and now you are feeling so comfortable that you feel you can comfortably finish the race. This is the power of your mind.

I ran my first 89 km Comrades marathon in 2010 and that was a down run. This marathon takes place in Durban, South Africa, and the direction alternates each year between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, so its named the Up & Down run. They say the Up run is more difficult than the Down run. My Down run timings in 2010 was 10h.58m.38sec. I joined the Inner Engineering program in Feb 2011, and after that I was able to finish the more difficult Up run in 10h.15m.42sec in 2011.

There were 15 of us from India who ran in the 2011 Comrades. Some of them were very good runners with much better running records than me, they were much ahead of me in our training runs as well as in Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, but when I finished I was almost 1 hour ahead of all runners from India in the Comrades Ultra Marathon. This was possible because of my training as well as the Shambhavi Mahamudra kriya which I practice on a daily basis. Inner Engineering also helped me a lot in my personal life; I have started realizing a lot of things,which I never knew before. Isha did help me in my running in a big way, but that is just a side benefit you can say. Apart from helping me tremendously in running, it helped me to become a more exuberant and joyful human being.

~ Satish Gujaran

To see the race results of Comrades visit - www.comrades.com (My chest no is 29384, you can see my race results too) satishgujaran@yahoo.com Durban, South Africa


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