Every year over 500 marathons are organized worldwide. Most are Charity Marathons. In fact, a majority of city-based marathon participants run to support a cause and want to raise funds for. Isha Vidhya supporters and volunteers have been actively participating in some of these marathons to spread information about the project and raise funds. We would like to take this participation one step further and encourage more individuals to involve themselves.

When you run for Isha Vidhya, you help raise funds to build better infrastructure in schools and increase the number of schools. You introduce Isha Vidhya to your friends, colleagues and relatives, allowing them to participate in educating rural India. You could also introduce the Isha Vidhya team to corporate CSR/HR teams, so that corporate-sponsored groups can also participate in runs. Many corporates participate in marathons as a team-building exercise which also encourages health consciousness in employees.

Come and join us. Run with us, introduce us, raise funds for Isha Vidhya. Let us build this nation together through education!

Isha Vidhya will start its 9th school shortly in rural South India, where over 5000 children, a majority of whom are on full-tuition scholarships, receive high-quality, English-medium education. The schools employ a highly evolved teaching methodology which includes Maths and English labs, concepts unheard of even in the urban schools. Besides this, yoga, health-camps and noon-meals are provided to the children. The importance of well-balanced, nutritious noon-meals cannot be over-emphasized. It has helped reduce the problem of malnutrition and anaemia among Isha Vidhya school children (many of whom come from financially constrained backgrounds) to 30% as against 70% 3 years ago.


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Details of marathons being run in India in 2013

1) Airtel Hyderabad Marathon on 25th Aug 2013. Contact Bhanu at 9949695855 / hyd.marathon@ishavidhya.org

2) Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on 24th Nov 2013. Contact Amritanshu at 9873690935 / del.marathon@ishavidhya.org

3) Chennai Marathon on 1st Dec 2013. Contact Prabhu at 9489045045 / chn.marathon@ishavidhya.org

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