Earth's only natural satellite had just risen on the firmament, as the other eponym of the day descended into the Hall. It was Guru Purnima, the full moon day in the month of Ashadha of the Indian calendar. As the name suggests, this day is dedicated to the Guru, as the one who dispels the darkness of ignorance and leads the aspirants on the path to enlightenment.

The Brahmacharis, residents and guests of Isha Yoga Center as well as meditators who had especially come for the evening assembled at Spanda Hall on 18 July 2008 to seek the Presence of their Guru. Sounds of Isha set the tone with heartfelt chants that all had a common theme: honoring one's Guru.

But why is this particular purnima known as Guru Purnima? What is the significance of this day? Sadhguru said that its origin dates back many thousands of years, when following the seasons, yogis and spiritual sadhakas perambulated the country from the Himalayan region to India's southernmost tip and back, covering thousands of kilometers. This tradition, which to some extent has been maintained even today, began when the Sapta Rishis set out to spread the fundamentals of yogic science that Shiva, the first yogi, had transmitted to them, in different parts of the Indian subcontinent. Sadhguru remarked in this context that Isha Yoga in its various aspects goes back to the legacy of the Sapta Rishi Agasthya Muni, a direct disciple of Shiva who established the yogic science in the south of India.

Editor’s Note: Celebrate Guru Purnima With Sadhguru, in the Presence of Adiyogi. Join in person at the Isha Yoga Center or watch the free live webstream.

Celebrate Guru Purnima with Sadhguru

With the monsoons arrival in the month of Ashadha, the weather conditions became too adverse for traveling and they generally took shelter. They spent this time of rest in constant remembrance of the Guru, and the full moon day of this month was especially dedicated to him and henceforth referred to as Guru Purnima.

Many great beings have followed in the direct lineage of the Sapta Rishis, and one of them, Sunira, an extraordinary yogi and Guru himself, took up the glorious but seemingly impossible project of creating a perfect being, a being of every imaginable quality. Sunira spent his whole lifetime trying to create such a perfect being. Towards the end of his life, with his dream unfulfilled, Sunira made the prophecy that a long time from then, the work he had started would find fulfillment and reverberate, not in the Himalayas, but in the green hills of the South. "Our hills are green; we are in the South," Sadhguru commented this dryly. Later, many tried to continue this project for which Sunira had laid the foundation, but they never succeeded in completing it.


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In parallel, another line of yogis also applied their wisdom "to create a similar possibility, but with a completely different understanding of the same," Sadhguru said. "The fruition of that parallel line of creating a perfect being, but not as a human being, is the making of the Dhyanalinga that sits here as a perfect being. The Dhyanalinga has all the necessary ingredients; it has the energy body of a perfect being. In theory, we can give him a physical body. It is possible to add flesh and blood to him and make him stand up and walk. But if he does that, he will no more be a perfect being because then he will have to eat, he will have to excrete, he will have to sleep, and people will find fault with him. When you aim for something perfect, it is best that it sits still, because the moment you get into action, somebody can find a flaw in your actions. The moment you speak, somebody can find a flaw in what you said. If I am silent and still, you cannot find fault with me. So it is best he remains that way," Sadhguru stated.

"Sitting here almost 10 years after he has come into reality, on a Guru Purnima, is significant because in every way he is a perfect being and a perfect Guru. If you are willing he is all there; if you are not willing he is simply not there; that's perfect."

"Sunira said thousands of years ago that this will happen in the green hills of the South. I don't want you to miss it. This month from this purnima to the next is dedicated to focus on that being that can make a difference for you. You must remain focused. Today's moon is not any different from another day's moon, but for one who is on the spiritual path, all he needs is an excuse to do something more with himself. This is a good excuse," Sadhguru concluded.

The Dhyanalinga Temple was open until after midnight, giving an opportunity for everyone to pay one's own silent obeisance to a perfect being and enjoying the privilege of His Presence.

Guru Purnima

In search of Truth
I did the sublime and the weird

The Blessed Guru arrived
Had my knowledge routed

With his staff touched the spot sacred
Left me with this Madness infected

This Madness without cure
But is liberation for sure

When I saw even horrific disease
Can transmit with ease

I took the liberty
Of Maddening Humanity.