Mahabharat - Saga Nonpareil

“This is not a story of either love or war, nor of treachery, devotion or greed, but of all that humans are made of, and of the possibility of rising beyond. If there ever can be a complete depiction of the human creature – this is it.” – Sadhguru

A deep and mystical exploration through music, dance, and spirituality, Mahabharat will be an in-depth look into the wisdom of this immortal saga.

Guided by Sadhguru, a mystic and enlightened Yogi, participants will have the opportunity to live the intensity, the adventure and the enchantment of Mahabharat in this seven-day festival event.

No stranger to spiritual sojourns of epic proportions, Sadhguru previously conducted Vaibhav Shiva -- an immersive experience of the exuberance of Shiva, and Leela -- a foray into the playful, spiritual process of Krishna.

‘Mahabharat - Saga Nonpareil’ will be much more than just a program to attend or performances to witness. You are invited to become part of a truly breathtaking explosion of arts, culture, and beauty. A celebration of life’s exuberance and depth. An insightful exploration of an unparalleled saga, inimitably interpreted by Sadhguru.

Join us from 11-18 February, 2012 for this magnificent event held at Isha Yoga Center!