Over 800 participants from 32 countries come together to spend 7 months in the consecrated space of Isha Yoga Center for their inner growth.

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Three Days of Coming Face-to-Face With Myself


“We sat still and did more than six hours of daily sadhana with such ease and intensity, without a word or gesture or even a sound. It was a time to switch off the outside and journey inward. At times, parallel tracks were running in my mind. In those moments, I realized how I could be so divided and unfocused. I saw how much energy I waste in gauging how I am being perceived. The silence has made me realize where I am and what I have to do.” – Swati, 42, London, UK 

Thirty years of conditioning and teaching from parents, school, colleagues, friends, and relatives could not come close to what I got in these three days of silence. Three days brought me such balance and stillness leaving me simply happy by my own nature.” - Sai Chand, 29, Texas, USA 

An Unchartered Mindscape – Unlocking the Rooms beyond the Main Door


“Since my seva is in Ashram clinic, my schedule is very tight. Sometimes it has happened that in the middle of my sadhana, a call comes and I have to go halfway through. Sometimes I stay after 9:30 PM due to some emergency. So, I always had this feeling that my sadhana was not up to the mark. With silence, my limitations and compulsions that I was unaware of surfaced. They surfaced with such intensity that during one particular process I literally thought I was going to go mad. I thought I had lost it. But after the session ended, I opened my eyes and I was all clean! With great gratitude I bow down to all those people who made it possible for me.” – Sudharshan, 25, Coimbatore 

“Somehow in silence I became aware of those things that I am normally completely unaware of and yet which pop up in my every action, and affect me so much. The blocks I have to clear became suddenly clear.” – Pallavi, 25, Mumbai


“Silence was like detox for the mind, flushing out the toxins that I had gathered.” – Pankaj, 25, Goa 

“Three days helped me to see so many deceptive layers of my mind of which I had no clue earlier. Meditations that I went through left me more still. Now, I am able to clearly see how I am when caught in my mind and how I am when I am just experiencing each moment.” – Sumathi, 37, Bengaluru 

Now and Then There Is a Fool Such as I

“It made me realize how foolish I am, living in ‘my own world’!
I wish one day I will make at least ‘my own world’ full of love;
I wish one day I will become as loving as you all are in the ashram.” – Vibhu, 27, Noida 


“Three days - never in my wildest dreams had I imagined going through something so incredibly powerful. It brought me to the depths of my mind, which I was not even aware of. I smiled at how foolish it is to be caught up in everyday chatter. I will be forever grateful to have this opportunity presented to me in such a beautiful manner.” – Shreeram, 30, Pune 


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“The whole schedule combined with the silence was very powerful. My sadhana had become more ritualistic without full involvement. What I got in this silence process, I hope to take forward and continue to build my sadhana and break all my limitations. Although at many times there was the mind's chatter going on, there was still stillness within. There was so much ease in just sitting and doing nothing.” – Shravan, 26, Bengaluru 

Words Stirred from The Quiet



“Sadhanapada Silence,

Simply sitting stillness,

Dropping the Identity to go within,

Blissfulness surfaces,

And clarity comes to the mind

A journey to continue,

A path to follow.” 

- Muthuvadival, 64, Tamil Nadu


“Silence an art,

Silence a sight

we went through it,

both day and night.


A guru we sought,

A guru we found,

He touched us in such a way,

That our lives became profound.


A life is gone,

A life is born,

It's just a play,

So do come along.” 

- Jonathan, 31, Goa


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