Kangana Ranaut Visits Mahatma Green India Mission at Coimbatore

Known for her prodigious portrayal of iconic on-screen characters, Kangana Ranaut lends her passionate support to Isha’s Project GreenHands and Cauvery Calling.
Isha Blog Article | Kangana Ranaut Visits Mahatma Green India Mission at Coimbatore

Kangana Ranaut, talented actor, director, and three-time national film award recipient, visited the Mahatma Green India Mission at Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore on October 10, 2019, to watch how saplings are being prepared for plantation in the Cauvery basin. 

Archana Anand from Project GreenHands was accompanying Kangana on her visit to the Mahatma Green India Mission nurseries and shared how Kangana joyously interacted with students of Isha Vidhya as well as the local children. 


“Kangana was sharing how much she enjoys working in the garden. She sat down and started filling sapling pockets with soil. She listened intently as we explained how the whole process of planting these saplings works.” 


Never one to stay away from action, Kangana jumped right in and planted seeds of the medicinal tree Mahua (Madhuca longifolia) and the timber tree Thespesia populnea



A passionate supporter of Cauvery Calling, Kangana recently donated 1 lakh trees to the cause. 



Kangana Ranaut Instagram LIVE Chat with Sadhguru on Cauvery Calling 

Why save Cauvery? Isn't it our karma to suffer what we have done to our ecology? Isn't spirituality about accepting our karma? Why is Sadhguru making an effort to save Cauvery? Here are Sadhguru's answers to some questions that Kangana asked during an Instagram LIVE chat! 


Kangana also teamed up with Tamannaah Bhatia and Kajal Aggarwal to help raise awareness for Cauvery Calling 

Thanks to them, the hashtag “#3Queens4Cauvery” trended among the top 5 in India, bringing more awareness to Sadhguru’s effort to revitalize Cauvery. 


Kangana Teamed Up with Isha Yoga Center to Ban Single-Use Plastic 

A native of Himachal Pradesh, Kangana’s concern and passion for preserving and protecting the environment is second nature. 

On June 4, 2018, Kangana supported Isha Foundation’s efforts to raise awareness about banning single-use plastic as part of the World Environment Day campaign.



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Editor’s Note: To contribute towards revitalizing Cauvery, visit cauverycalling.org.

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